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Waterways Watch Society (WWS)

Every day, litter on land is washed by rain or blown by winds into our drains and canals which lead to our reservoirs – one of our Four National Taps. As a pillar of Singapore’s self-sustainable water supply, keeping our waterways and reservoirs clean is vital to the health of the people and the environment. WWS is a special, independent environmental organisation established in 1998, with a mission to bring people together to love our waters and to inspire stewardship for our environment through education and volunteerism.








people reached out with our talks, learning trails and clean-up programmes in 2019
kg of trash collected from Marina Reservoir during our clean-up programmes and volunteer patrols in 2019
over environmental awareness programmes conducted in 2019

Our Programmes

Incorporating fun into learning and volunteering is a big part of our mission! As a strong advocate of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, we aim to foster appreciation for our waters and instil a sense of ownership for our environment through our wide variety of experiential-learning programmes. Come join us for a fun and meaningful clean-up activity or a learning trail!




Have a passion in making a difference for our environment and community? Come join our big family and contribute your valuable time to keep our waterways clean and bring people together to love our waters!


As a charity, WWS relies primarily on the support of kind donors and sponsors to fund our work fighting pollution in our waters and motivating people of all ages and abilities to take ownership of our environment. Help us drive change for our environment and make Singapore a truly clean city!


Want to go green and start an eco-conscious lifestyle but unsure of where to begin looking for the right products? Connect with our Green Partners and find out what they can offer you in your journey to sustainability!


Weekly Report 21 May 2020

Dear Friends, The Circuit Breaker is coming to an end soon. During the CB, WWS received help and donations from…
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Weekly Report 13 May 2020

Dear Friends, WWS wishes all the best and good health to all our partners and members.  We are glad that…
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Weekly Report 07 May 2020

Dear Friends, This week was a shorter week as Friday was Labor Day. WWS didn’t do any outdoor activity due…
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Weekly Report 29 April 2020

Dear Friends, This was the fourth week of circuit breaker and we have another four weeks to go. There was…
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Weekly Report 23 April 2020

Dear Friends, This was the third week of COVID-19 Circuit Breaker. There was no activity and program for WWS this…
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Weekly Report 14 April 2020

Dear Friends, This is the second week of practicing “work from home” measure under the new CB Rules. There were…
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Weekly Report 07 April 2020

Dear Friends, This is a really difficult period for WWS. This week, WWS practiced “work from home” measure, online meeting…
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Weekly Report 30 March 2020

Dear Friends, This week was another quiet week for WWS, no program was done as all were cancelled.  We completed…
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Weekly Report 24 March 2020

Dear Friends, The week remains quiet with no school or corporate programs. However, WWS did some housekeeping work at all…
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Weekly Report 17 March 2020

Dear Friends, This was another ‘quiet week’ for WWS due to the ongoing  situation, but we are slowly resuming our…
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