August Update

Hi Water Members, 28th. Aug. 07

Here’s an update on some of our latest activities.

*Over the past months, we have been running an average of 2 School programs per week
on weekdays. Quite a few members have been able to help and our thanks to them all.
Special mention goes to Annie and Sharon for co’ordinating and selling this program.
Other members who have helped regularly in the past few months include Jimmy, Daniel, Ice, Chun Li, Serene, Bernatt, Uncle Chiang, Pey Shyuan, XJ, Deborah, Nurul, Ivan, Ben and Philip.

Please check our web-site to see if you can assist us on weekdays.

*We had a few good corporate events including one for IRAS, UMC and HTL. Members who helped out on the saturday’s most appreciated. Our weekend programs usually are well supported by members.

*In the month of July, we had the US Navy visit us doing their Corporate services and this time round, not only did they come 40 strong but our very own Singapore Navy sent 12 sailors.

It was a good day and even though we did not clear everything we wanted, we all enjoyed ourselves working together. Thanks to all those who came down to join this event.

*During August, key events were National Day and WaterFest including a few other national day programs which WWS participated as safety boats. It was good to see a spread of members participating and we should all be proud of ourselves in such involvement.

*On 04th. August, WWS also launched the first joint bike patrol with NPARKS and PUB. This will be on-going every first and third saturday morning. Joint boat patrols on sunday are now being planned with PUB, to be rolled-out very soon. For those not aware, we have also started Bi-Monthly meetings with NPARKS, NEA, PUB, SLA, POLICE etc. on the Marina.

*Between 28th. Aug. through Sept. 07, Singapore Poly Environment group will be rostering a number of their youth to assist us for our weekday school program. This is very much appreciated and will help our regular volunteers. Thank you SP Green Volunteers!

*Coming Sept., please look out for Interntaional Coastal Clean-Up Day (Saturday 15th. Sept.) from 0800hrs. and World Water Monitoring Day (Tuesday, 18th. Sept.) from 0900hrs. COME JOIN US IF YOU CAN. Keep annie or myself informed. A photo included will give you a sense of
the work you can expect on that day.
Not forgetting ofcourse our second Corporate event with IRAS on the morning (1000hrs) 08th. Sept. 07.

*Also on 08th. Sept. from the afternoon, we will hold our very first “outsource” camp with MINDS. They will hold a one day, one nite camp at our camp-site. On the afternoon of 08th. Sept., we will be doing a presentation to the group at about 1500hrs. and on the morning of 09th. Sept., Sunday (from 0900hrs.), we will be doing Beach Clean-UP with them all. Volunteers are required. Those who can assist, please email Annie or myself.

*In August, we also launched our first training program for our own Weather Monitoring Station (thanks to sponsorship from Senoko) and our first sponsored boat by Deloitte (WWS-3).


Members are reminded that while performing any kind of duty- on boat or bicycle, please do not smoke. If you need to, take a break and not while on the boat or bike.

When performing safety boat duty, do not be involved in any other types of duty unless it is life-saving e.g. do not tow Dragon Boats or Kayaks. There is a different skill required and it is not good for our boat engines. If there is a need, ensure that the boat towed have someone on board always. Remember, safety boat duty is specific and unless otherwise contracted, we do not perform towing functions or as work-boats. Your co’operation please.

Always lock-up and switch-off all non-essential lights and electical points when the last to leave the premises.

Please, please re-fill our boiler with water whenever low. Nobody else is going to do this housekeeping chore. Remember, we are all volunteers and we have no cleaning service.

Thank you all!
WaterWays Watch Society

ps: Roster for Sept.-Dec. 07 is up.
Thank you.

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