Quarterly Report 2007

Hello fellow Water Members and Partners, 30th. July 2007

Here’s our second quarter report on our achievements and duties covering the months of April, May and June 2007. Thank you to all members who participated in making this possible.

If we accomplished over a 1,000 manhours in the first quarter, we increased this to over 1,500 manhours (including our two June Camp Enviro-Awareness) for the second quarter.

Some details to share:

*WWS did a total of 16 school presentations on the River Monster which covered at least 700 students doing actual Beach Clean-Up for their hands-on exposure.
Schools attending included Chong Zheng Pri., Pei Xin Pri., Yishun Sec., CompassVale Sec., Tanjong Katong Sec., Madrasah Sec. Telok Kurau, Dazhong Pri., Ghim Moh Pri. Hwa Chong n Pasir Ris Pri.

*In addtiion, WWS did a total of 6 Youth Programs on a saturday with our Bike Patrol with the MayFlower Sailors. At least 8 sailors were involved over a 3-4 weekend program.

*For the same period, a total of 6 Corporate Events was done. Participants included IRAS, MOE, HTL, UMC and Chong Zheng Teachers. It was good to be partners with such Corporate Social Responsible groups. A total of over 110 participants came.

*During the month of June, two Camp Enviro-Awareness were held with about 40 students signing-up for this 3d/2n outdoor Camp. School involved was Chong Zheng (scouts) and St. Hildas Primary.

*In the month of April and May, WWS participated in TV Shoots and News Reviews on our volunteer work on our waterways. TV and press coverage were given. Not forgetting,
in June, one of our very passionate and active member Annie Young-Giri won the Eco-Friend Award from NEA.

*In the month of May, we had a joint partnership with Kayak Singapore on a Kayak movie with all proceeds going to WWS. The movie attracted 250 people. As a result of this sponsorship, WWS increased its “fleet” with the purchase of two open Kayaks. These will be used only be qualified members for selective duties.

*Another milestone to our history was the introduction of joint patrols with our partners from NPARKS. Each duty, had a total of 8 Bike Patrollers.
After our training from them and appointment as Park Rangers, we have now gone a further step forward with such combined patrols on saturdays.

*With the high profile of the Marina, WWS participated in at least over 6 Safety Boat events. We see a growing trend in this requirement and some sponsorship opportunities.

*In June 2007, WWS also started preliminary study and work on its StakeHolders Project- one to get all vendors and entertainments outlets along the Marina/Singapore River to sign-up and be an active partner with WWS. We hope to agreesively rollout this program with the help of members and the PUB in the third/fourth quarter of 2007.

Thank you.

WaterWays Watch Society

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