E-News July 2007

Hi fellow Water Members, 23rd. July 2007

Another month gone by and we are now approaching National Day- 09th. August 2007.
Please note, there will be No Boat Patrol on the 29th. July as we are involved in a
safey boat event. Only Bike Patrol will proceed.

To update you all, we have done many new events over the past few weeks.

* New Guidelines for driving within the Marina. 5 Knot Guideline.
DynaGlass(Boat #1 and #2): 6 persons rev at 2,100 rpm – 5 to 6 knots

5 hp Dingy: 4 persons full throttle 5- 6 knots. If 2 pesons, use half-throttle.

(Please remember that if there are less number of people on board, the boat
will go faster. Do not create “waves” especially when passing by Canoers, Kayakers,
Dragon Boates, Wake-Boarders, etc. You can however go over the 5 knots when responding to emergencies or avoiding danger).

* We now have a Senoko sponsored Weather Monitoring Machine at WWS.
This is to be used for our school programs in future.

* Deloitte has just sponsored us S$5K for our third boat.

* Two new single seater Kayaks will be delivered over the next two weeks- sponsored by Kayak Asia (cher) who organised the Kayak Movie for us. Thank you Cher!

* We had UMC(our donors for disposable gloves) and HTL(donated S$800) do their corporate program with us.

* We had the US NAVY and Singapore NAVY do CIP with us. We will be posting some interesting photo’s on our web-site soon.

* We participated in SMU Metriculation Fair and IRAS Fair.

* We continued our joint patrols with NPARKS on saturdays with our Bike Patrol.
(thanks to regular members like Pat, Penelope, Peck Khee, Edward, Ved n Tun Phong).

* We did Safety Boat for Sinapore Adventure and some School organised events.

* We held our two Camp Enviro-Awareness in June. Thanks to Camp Master Sharon n XJ.

* We continued to hold school programs during weekdays and assembly talks (average of at least two per week). Thanks to members like Annie, Sharon, Edwin, Uncle Chiang, Bernatt,
Serene, Ice, Jimmy, Nurul, XJ, Tze, Qiu Sang and even Ivan (when he was back for vacation).

* Not forgetting our Weekend Patrols for those members roster- Boat and Bike.

* Housekeeping: Remember to top-up petrol for boats and Tractor before use. Switch-Off all equipment and lights after duty.

* Welcome new members Hock Ping and Li Shuhua.

To all other members whom I may have left your names out unintentionally, thank you for your continued support! The recent win of an Honary WaterMark Award by PUB is further evidence of our good work! Well Done WaterWays! Checkout our web-site for more events and news!

Thank you.
WaterWays Watch Society

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