E-News June 2007

Hi Fellow Water Members, 09th. June 07

Some interesting updates to share!
*14th. June, our very own member Annie Young-Giri will be receiving her award under the
Eco-Friend Award 07 by NEA. Fellow members will be attending in a show of support and appreciation. Well done Annie!

* SHELL has decided to continue its sponsorship of petrol with WW for the year 2007/08! Another S$5,000 will be given to us in petrol vouchers. Three cheers for Shell!

* Welcome new members- Tze Siong, Shyuan, Lawrence n Ozzy. Always great to have new volunteers in WaterWays!

*Something to share with the latest update in our last International Coastal Clean-Up 2006:

Top 10 Debris Items Found during the 2006 International Coastal Cleanup (as if we did not know):

1. Cigarettes/cigarette filters 1,901,519
2. Food wrappers and containers 768,115
3. Caps/lids 704,085
4. Bags 691,048
5. Beverage bottles (plastic) 570,299
6. Beverage bottles (glass) 420,800
7. Cups/plates/forks/knives/spoons 353,217
8. Straws/stirrers 349,653
9. Beverage cans 327,494
10. Cigar tips 186,258

Since 1986, over 6.6 million volunteers have removed a cumulative total of
116,000,000 pounds of debris from the world’s beaches and waterways
including 211,460 miles of shoreline in 127 nations.

More than 350,000 volunteers removed about 7 million pounds of debris from
34,500 miles of coastlines and waterways, along with ocean, river and lake
bottoms, The Ocean Conservancy said in the report, released Thursday.

Sixty-eight countries participated in the day long cleanup last September.
This year’s cleanup is set for Sept. 15. “

For those who participated last year, thank you very much. Another one will be coming soon!
Volunteer if you can.

* Check out the latest link with National Geography Society.
If you can do you part to help Save the Oceans, sign-up. Scroll down please!

* WWS celebrates the birth of our Third Motorised Boat- WWS-3 and Rubby Dinghy WWS-P2
We now have a third motorised boat fully operational. Although manual, it has been
“converted” and linked to a sterring wheel- hence, you can sit in the proper place.
Only challenge is you have to “Pull-Start” the engine. It is fitted with a 15HP, four stroke engine.
In addition, we have also commissioned a new dinghy- WWS-P2 which has a 5HP, four stroke
engine, but manual operation.
Only does trained in operating such manual engines can take the boat out.
So far, only Bernatt, Joe, Felix, Philip are trained. Members please comply!
Like the tractor operation, there is a slightly different skill required to handle such manual engines.

*This saturday (16th. Jun) we have an event called Adventure Singapore 07. Co’organised by Sports Council.
WWS will be supplying two safety boats. Tun Phong, Ler, Noh and Doreen will be doing this event.

* Camp Enviro-Awareness June 07 – Camp #8 and #9

Just over and what a week! Thanks to Sharon and XJ we ran two very successful camps this week. It was good to have Noh and Doreen helping out in the second camp also.
Thank you all who helped including Nite Duty members- Annie, Edwin,Tze,Qiu Sang, Marilyn,Jimmy, Tow Meng, Soon Meng & friend, Uncle Chiang, Ler, Serene, Daniel, TK and Valerie, Yilinn, Swee Shoon, Nurul and Hong (hope I did not miss anyone out).
We even had teachers from some schools visit us to know more about our camps- a bit of PR by Annie……Well done!

*We still have weekday programs for schools and other events. Volunteer if you can please.

-School events afternoon (1400-1700hrs.)June:21st. Jun, 26th. Jun, 28th.Jun.,July: 03rd. July, 09th.,12th.,16th.,19th.,23rd.,26th.,30th.July
-Corp. events morning (0900-1300hrs.)
23Jun. UMC Corp. Event n RiverVale Pri. School-boat, bike n beach
30jun. HTL Corp. Event.-boat, bike n beach
-Carnivals n Fairs- SMU Open House. 05th./06th.(whole day) n 09th. July.(morning)
IRAS-03rd. July 1000-1300hrs.(morning).
Exhibition at Nam Hua High (0830-1200hrs.).
-School Talks- Kranji Sec. School -06th.July 1230hrs. afternoon
JurongVille. 10th. July- 1230hrs. afternoon
Ahmad Ibrahim Sec. -27th. July. 1130hrs.-1200hrs.

*Stakeholders Roll out!
Thanks to Edwin, Nurul and Sharon, we have started this program with all the stakeholders along the Marina. If you can help, please contact Sharon or Annie. There is a lot of “selling” to be done by WWS and it is going to be an uphill challenge for WWS to try and engage and invite active or passive support for our work! Initially, we have targeted about 300 stakeholders and also in the process to enlist PUB’s support or even perhaps Prime Minister Lee (anyone know him personally?).

*Last but not least, watch out for three major events:

-The US NAVY is coming to town again and would like to do community work with WWS in July

-World Water Monitoring Day which I am given to understand is earlier this year (before Sept.07)

and of course

– National Day Events. We may be required to give support in Boat and Bike Patrol during the rehearsals, full-dress parade and actual day parade.

Thank you all!
WaterWays Watch Society

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