Important News Update to Share! New Guidelines by NWSC

Fellow WaterWay Members, 30th. May 2007

With the recent tragic drowning incidents in our waterways, we like to share the extract of this recent announcement by the National Waters Safety Council.

It is a timely reminder to all members that SAFETY is of utmost importance and MANDATORY for all our programs with schools, corporates, visitors and while on Member Patrol.

To re-iterate, all members while on duty MUST WEAR their Life Jackets at all times when on the boat or on the kayak. It is also the duty of team leaders to take full responsiblity to adhere to this standing instructions. Any disregard on this rule will be taken as a serious violation by the Society.

We like to also remind all members that except in special events (with the approval of the executive committee), every boat on duty must have at least two qualified boat drivers.

This is in accordance with our SOP.

Thank you.

The Announcement:

The National Water Safety Council (NWSC) unveiled Tuesday its water safety promotion plans for the year.

The strategy will focus on a three-way approach – – water safety education, water safety skills training and safe swimming pools and water bodies.
Chairman of the NWSC, Dr Teo Ho Pin said “Water safety is a collective effort and everyone has an important role to play. It is critical for Singaporeans to be educated on the possible dangers of waters and be equipped with the necessary water safety skills.”

Adding that while the NWSC will take extra efforts to ensure safer water bodies and swimming pools, Dr Teo stressed that Singaporeans themselves must take personal responsibility for their own water satefty.

To underscore the need for personal responsibility, Singaporeans will be educated on the possible dangers of water through water safety education in schools, talks and campaigns and a water safety park where young peple can learn about water safety.
A set of National Water Safety Messages have also been developed, namely; Water Safety Checks and Water Safety Code to remind and encourage Singaporeans to be responsible for their own safety.

The check comprises three questions which every should ask himself before entering the water – “Will I drown in this water?”, “What safety precautions should I take?” and “Who can save me ?”

As for the safety code, it comprises six Do’s and Don’ts associated with water, such as learning water survival skills, following rules, swimming in safe areas, to never swim alone and to always supervise children or weak swimmers.
At the same time, the NWSC said it will take steps to improve the safety features of pools and water bodies, this includes carrying out a review on the services of lifeguards.

The initiatives of the NWSC come after a number of tragic drownings, the most recent being the drowning incident after a kayaking accident at Lower Seletar Reservoir on Sunday.

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