E-News Roster

Hi fellow waterways members,

It is time again for our new Duty Roster. This is for the months May thru August 2007.
Please revert as to your prefered dates for this period. For Hon Wai, Richard, Elaine, Joe Low and Roy, you need not to as you have given me your prefered dates.

Your co’operation would be most appreciated as I need to finalise this Roster asap.

Oh, FYI, dont forget the Movie we are going to show on Kayaking!
Please Support and Spread the word!

Btw, to update members who helped in the Pig-Nose Turtle Exhibition, allowance will
be paid early next week. Those who donated back, many thanks. The total collection
was over S$4,500 (including foreign coins). Thank you Nurul and Edwin for helping count
the coins!

In case some of you are not aware, WWS now is opened every monday and thursday afternoon.
Soon we will change the monday to tuesday. Every Saturday and Sunday morning also!
Check our web-site for details of events and VOLUNTEER when you can please.

See you all soon!
Thank you.
Eugene Heng
WaterWays Watch Society

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