The Paddling Film Event of the Year

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It is a joint event initiated by our water-friend from Kayakasia!
Forward this to as many watersport lovers as possible.

You can always sponsor tickets for others if unable to come!

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Eugene Heng
WaterWays Watch Society

The Paddling Film Event of The Year >>>

DATE: 11 MAY 2007
TIME: 7.30pm

This year the paddling community brings you one of the most celebrated kayaking films ever made – THIS IS THE SEA. This film is a must-watch for paddlers, adventure lovers, and people who love the sea. It is a homage to our love of kayaking and the sea, and a stirring record of the spirit of kayaking and adventure. Be inspired!

The purpose of this event is to provide a venue for the paddling community to gather and know each other, while at the same time watch some the best of paddling out there in the world. It will be a cozy night that could change your kayaking. By participating in this event, the paddling community is donating all proceeds to Waterways Watch Society. Hurray!

Meet more paddling friends, and see what makes kayaking as thrilling and rewarding as it is !

Event happenings:
– Lucky draw
– PUB talks about the ABC Water Bodies Plan
– Waterways Watch’s presentation on waterways conservation
– Display of folding kayaks
and more to come…!

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Limited tickets priced at $6 nett are available at the following locations from 20th April 07:

Waterways Watch Society
Singapore Canoe Federation
Paddle Lodge at Macritchie Reservoir
Emmanuelle Traveller’s Shop (#02-48, Peninsula Plaza)

We could also mail out tickets with postage costs. For more information about ticketing, please contact:

Or call 65 6344 6337

How to get to screening venue
(Enter from the West Entrance)
15 Stadium Road
Singapore 397718

See and feel the National Stadium one last time before it is demolished for the future sports hub. The National Stadium Theatrette is located at the West Entrance. Hopefully watching this film at the National Stadium will also bring back fond memories for those of us who have been part of the Kallang roar, or simply there for the National Parade.

You can take a train to Kallang MRT station and walk about 10 minutes to National Stadium.

From Orchard or City Hall, please take bus no. 14 or 16.
From Suntec City, please take bus no. 196, 14, 16, or 10.

Please see this map for the location of National Stadium.

About the film “THIS IS THE SEA”, affectionately known as TITS

THIS IS THE SEA is the first ever action sea kayaking video and a world tour with some of the worlds’ best sea kayakers, by award-winning female kayaker Justine Curgenven. It is sea kayaking at its most exciting! Thrilling footage taken in big surf and roaring tidal races lets you feel you are in the boat with expert paddlers. Watch their eyes bulge and hear them scream in excitement as they meet the challenge of big water!

Hear personal insights from the world’s top sea paddlers including expedition paddler Chris Duff, Greenland Kayak Champion Malligiaq Padilla, and world leaders Nigel Foster and Nigel Dennis. Locations are as far afield as California, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Greenland, Japan, Wales and Russia.

Some highlights of what you will see:
– kayaks getting vertical at North Wales kayak races
– a novice paddler 650km kayak expedition along the eastern coast of Russia
– 7000km circumnavigation of Japan
– greenland rolling champions show you the tricks of the trade – above and underwater!
interviews with the world’s top paddlers and kayak designers

“Cackle TV has captured both the essence of sea kayaking and its world-wide variety. Justine’s camera takes you into the thick of the action and gives you the thrill of riding the waves”. – Chris Cunningham, Editor of Seakayaker magazine.

“At last a film that shows the true thrills, freedom and fun of sea kayaking. You can feel the spray, taste the salt in the air. You’ll actually feel like you’re in the cockpit with the kayaker.”Jason Smith, Editor of Canoe & Kayak UK magazine.

Having watched it twice in two days, all I can say is that it’s blown me away. It has something for everyone – from the ordinary paddler wanting to get an insight into paddling conditions in locations they may not normally paddle in, to the white water paddler looking for an insight to the sea paddler’s mentality and that’s not to forget the paddler looking for inspiration for a couple of major expeditions. – Mike Buckley, UK Sea Kayak Guidebook

“You will be talking about this film for weeks!” – Adrenalin Films

Read more about the films and see their previews here.

About film-maker and paddler
Justine Curgenven

Justine Curgenven is an award winning adventure videographer, has had footage aired on BBC, Sky and National Geographic. In 2001 she set up �Cackle TV Productions� to combine her love of nature, adrenaline, and professional TV background.

She shoots her footage directly from her own kayak, following paddlers through crashing surf, exciting tidal races, and fascinating sea caves and arches. You can’t get any closer to the action without actually being there yourself!

Justine is an adventure filmmaker, expedition sea kayaker and creator of the exciting sea kayaking action DVDs, This is the Sea series. Her expeditions include a solo trip around Iceland’s West Fjords, a 650km kayak expedition up the Pacific coast of Kamchatka and the first all-female circumnavigation of Tasmania. She represented England in the world surf kayak championships and loves surfing her sea kayak in the tidal races near her home in Wales. She is a regular speaker at international sea kayaking symposiums and author of many magazine articles.

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