2007 First Quarterly Report

Dear Water Members and Friends, 16th. April 2007

Congratulations Members!! In the first quarter 07, WWS members clocked over
1,000 manhours of patrol and event duties

More details of our achievements covering the first quarterly report:

We have had very good response from schools and over the first three months of this year.
In total, we have held a total of 11 school sessions each with about 40 students
(total about 440 attended) on the “River Monster”.

In addition, a total of 4 saturday sessions for a seconday schools doing not only beach clean-up but also water testing. This involved overr 280 students participated in this program.

Education co’ordinator Annie and Eugene visited two schools to sell our water education program and another 4 visited us at our premises to understand more about this program.
Two school presentations were given by WWS- one at a school with 1,200 students and another at a MOE seminar for Georgraphy teachers(in partnership with PUB 3P) with over 170 teachers attending. WaterWays Watch provided CIP for one school with 2 sessions for their teachers (10 in total).

Over this first quarter, WWS was pleased to have done two public events/partnerships – one with Exxon Mobil on their Dragon Boat Family Day Carnival at Kallang and another with UnderWater World on the Pig-Nose Turtle Exhibition.

During the months between January to March, we held 9 Youth Bike saturday patrols (involving about 35 youth) from Singapore Poly, NTUC and MayFlower Sailors. It is good to know that Mayflower Sailors continues with us for another two months with about 10 youth attached to WWS.

The begining of the year witness a new partnership with NParks for the Marina Reservoir under their “Park Watchers” program. Besides having two on-the-job training with NParks Officers on Sunday, 18 volunteer members have undergone additional training with NParks held at the Kolam Ayer Community Centre. We hope to expand this new partnership with more active volunteer involvement under the Park Watchers Program.

The above programs and events would not have been possible without the key role of Annie which we must all be thankful. Well done Annie and keep it up! Members are encouraged to volunteer assistance to Annie as the load of work is slowly but surely increasing. Currently, WWS is opened every Monday and Thursday on weekdays in the afternoon and every Saturday and Sunday in the morning. No easy task, but we see much value and need in our volunteer environment work. Going forward, if we can, we would like to increase our weekday operations
by another one or two days. So, Volunteers, Please Volunteer!

For the second quarter, besides the usual weekday and weekend roster planned, we are working on two additional programs- Camp Enviro-Awareness in June (04th. to 09th.) and Stakeholders Project ’07. Those interested to assist, please contact Annie or myself.

And finally, our appreciation to all our sponsors and supporters, directly or in-directly,
WaterWays Watch thanks you for believing in what we are doing.

Once again members, may I take this opportunity to remind all to stay in communication and
update us on your availability. However, an important but gentle reminder- to remain as a volunteer, dont forget your minimum number of hours of duty each year. For those who are unable to meet this requirement due to work or personal reasons, please inform us as early as

See you at your Next Duty!

Thank you.
Eugene Heng
WateRWays Watch Society

Remember, have the right Passion and believe in what you are doing as a Volunteer Member of WaterWays Watch. We are all responsible Volunteers. Thank you.

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