Duty Roster Jan – Apr 2007

Hi Fellow Members,

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

We are running bit behind on our Roster for the new year and would really appreciate your co’operation in advising me your available dates and times (we now perform duties every saturday (0915hrs) and sunday (1100hrs) unless otherwise advised). Besides the above weekends duties, we will be emailing you on weekday events where members’s volunteer assistance would be most appreciated.

Those who have special request please do not hesitate to inform me so that a more effective and meaningful Duty Roster can be planned. Remember we (including myself) are all Volunteers!

For the month of Jan. 2007, the initial roster is up BUT like Feb., Mar. and Apr. 2007, we could do with more members on duty roster.
Please revert!

Any rostering done wrongly for Members January Duty as appearing, please email me asap.

Thank you and wish you all a very Happy New Year!
Eugene Heng
WaterWays Watch Society

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