December Newsletter

Hello Fellow Members,

We have just had a couple of events over the past few weeks and apologise for not updating you all.

*Firstly, we had the Clean n Green Week in November with the launch at Republic Poly followed by 2 Days of Carnival at the Changi Exhibition Hall. Thanks to all who participated. Really appreciate your time and effort.

*Early December was our two back-to-back Camp Enviro-Awareness with camp masters Doreen and Noh. This time we had 25 kids for each camp. Thank you to all Members who helped out during the day and nite-shift. Without your support, the camp would not have been a success even with our SMU (CIP)participants. We will be posting some pictures soon.

*For those who are not aware, our Youth Bicycle Program started in Oct. with Singapore Poly Students and in late Nov. with NTUC Youth. So far, this program appears to be quite encouraging with over 20 Singapore Poly students having gone through attachment with WWS and currently 3 NTUC Youth. The plan for this Youth Bicycle Program will stretch through Jan. 2007. Members able to volunteer their services on saturday, please email me. Thanks go to all who have been and currently active in this program.

*For the year ahead, we plan many activities and events. For the first quarter of 2007, we already have two Schools booking us for over 10 weekday programs and another 6 saturdays as well. More details will be shared but for those able to help, please email Eugene.

*To update you on our Water Testing progress. Thanks to HuiYi and Yap, we have done almost every sunday water testing. Unfortunately our PDA equipment has not be very dependable but, we have managed. Although we have been training and working with a few other members, We desperately need more members to be trained as we need to share this work load. Please volunteer if you are able to.

*Finger Food Outlet commenced operation about a month ago and although we have had some sales, it has been slow. We need to review our operation and see what more we can do to improve our sales. Key members involved will be doing this very soon (HuiYi, Yap, Annie, Uncle John, XJ and Eugene).

*For your information, we will be having some minor renovations at WWS to build another office. This is in line with our 5 Year Plan which was recently accepted by PUB. More agressive marketing of our educational programs and Camp Enviro will be made from 2007 onwards.

*Last but not least, welcome to Joanne,Choon Seng,Edwin Shi,Mojabeng, Chun Li and George to WWS.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all Members and your Family!

WaterWays Watch Society


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