Weekly Report 08 August 2017

Dear Friends,

Another active week passed for WWS, in the lead up to Singapore’s 52nd National Day. We had one NWCDC-sponsored Learning Trail at Pang Sua pond with Greenwood Primary School (16 pax), one NWCDC-sponsored Talk with Regent Secondary School (1200 pax), one River Monster Jr with NAFA Arts Kindergarten (20 pax), one CSR with Salesforce (11 pax) and one Corporate meeting with Green Boulevard. We’d like to share that the teacher in-charge of NAFA Arts Kindergarten also sent a complimentary message to the team for a job well done!

Over the weekend, we had 6 members out for Kayak Patrol, 22 Members out for Marina Bike and Boat Patrol and 12 members doing Boat Patrol and Housekeeping at Punggol. Illegal fishing and reckless PMD/ PAB users remain challenges, and we engage them whenever possible (see photos). At least 10 persons were engaged for anti-littering. No fines were issued for Littering.

One of our new members engaged a couple who was littering despite there being a dustbin nearby. Upon engagement, they looked upon the new member as if she was saying something strange. However, they complied and picked up their litter eventually. The new member was on her first day of orientation. Three cheers to Linda for a job well done!

We are also happy to welcome our new member and admin staff, Diane!

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