Weekly Report 20 September 2017

Dear Friends,

It was a relatively slower week for WWS. We kicked off the week with a Train the Trainers session for our NWCDC-sponsored Learning Trail at Pang Sua Pond. We also had one MPA-sponsored Assembly Talk at Qifa Primary School (800 pax), one Kayak Patrol with MSF staff (30 pax), and the usual weekend Bike and Boat Patrols at Marina.  We also managed to recce a potential Beach Clean-Up location near Yishun Dam (recommended by SLA) but found it not very suitable and safe. There was no weekend patrol at Punggol.

We had 15 members out for Marina Bike and Boat Patrols.  There were no engagements for Anti-Littering this week but we had at least 10 engaged for illegal fishing. No fines were issued for Littering during the weekend. Due to F1, our patrols were restricted.

It was the F1 week, and we supported the event with Safety Boat.

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