About WWS

Waterways Watch Society (WWS) is an environmental non-profit organization that was formed in 1998 with a mission to bring people together to protect our waterways.

WWS is a firm advocate of public education to promote individual responsibility and shared ownership of our water resources and environment. For this, we have established various programmes and strongly believe in forming sustainable partnerships with passionate individuals, schools, community groups, companies and government agencies.

WWS was presented with the inaugural Presidential Environment Award in 2006 and the Honorary Watermark Award from PUB in 2007. WWS is also represented in the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources Water Network Committee and has been recognized as an Institute of Public Character (IPC).

Our Mission

Waterways Watch Society is a special, independent volunteer group, bringing people together to love our waters and to inspire stewardship for our environment.

Goal 1: Aligning our beliefs

Zero waste belief and Zero carbon footprint belief

Goal 2: Our school programmes

To be the Number 1 provider for Environmental Education programmes and
100% students to go through environmental awareness programmes by 2020 (via WWS or other similar programmes)

Goal 3: Our corporate relationships

Having at least 2 repeat programmes with existing corporations till 2020 and Getting 20 new corporations per year till 2020

Three Core Principles – I.S.O.


Problems and solutions to water and environmental issues are inter-related so our efforts must be holistic and broad-based.


: Our efforts must be geared towards long-term water and environmental goals that bring benefit to future generations.


We must build a personal stake in water and environmental issues, only then will we be committed to improving our situation.

Our Members

John Joel Seow
Diane Neo
Eddie Lee
Annie Young Giri
Tan Yanping
Goh Chia Chia
Ng Poh Peng
Ivan Teo
Tan Tun Phong
Uncle Joe
Joseph Tay
Shawn Tan
Edwin See
Deborah Sia
Joycelyn Tan
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Main Committee 2017 – 2019

CEO Eugene Heng
President Ivan Teo
Vice Chairperson Ng Shiang Nee
Secretary Tan Yanping
Treasurer Victoria Lee
Asst Treasurer Low Joo Kek

CEO Profile

Eugene Heng, JP, BBM – Founder & CEO

Mr Eugene Heng, JP, BBM is the founder and CEO of the Waterways Watch Society, and a member of the Public Hygiene Council. Having first being appointed to a Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for the Environment in the 1990s, Mr Heng went on to serve in several advisory committees relating to environmental issues in Singapore, including the Water Focus Group, the Policy Study Workgroup on Physical and Environment Sustainability, and the Singapore Green Plan 2012 Coordinating Committee. In 2005, he was awarded the Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (PBM) and subsequently the Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (BBM) in 2015 for his valuable public service. In 2014, he received the President’s… Read more