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Dear Friends,

We resume the year with our school activities. Over the week, we had one assembly talk (250pax) and two Kayak Clean-Up programmes (70 pax) with Damai Secondary. We also had another NYC sponsored Kayak Clean-Up Programme (10 pax) conducted on Saturday. We also received two more confirmations for school programmes in February / March.

Our CEO, Eugene Heng, attended the NEA Strategy Annual Meeting and two of our members attended a talk on Circular Economy at NTU on 19th January 2018. We have also confirmed the invite to Y.LEAD Conference (River Valley High School) in March.

Our weekend patrol had 4 new members. Together with our regular members we had a total of 20 members on our weekend patrols this week. During our Sunday patrol, we also rescued a 15ft python. We also did engagements in fishing totalled up to 13 pax this week. 4 fishermen using live baits were spotted at Geylang River Bridge near the MRT station. Another 4 were spotted using live baits at Pelton canal park connector in front of Blk 14A. 1 Fisherman was spotted using live bait at Sir Arthur’s Bridge near the MRT station. 4 Chinese students were spotted fishing near Jewel Bridge. They were advised to proceed to the fishing zone. All 13 fishermen were engaged and all complied.

We also did anti-littering engagements during our patrols, with a total of 32 pax engaged this weekend. All have been advised to keep the place clean. We also engaged two groups of foreigners on anti-littering. They were having a small party at the shelters at Punggol.

Furthermore, we have also spotted two riders on their PEBs without registered plate numbers. They ran away.

Otters were sighted again this week around our premises.

Our weekday Punggol Admin also saw Gregory joining the admin team.

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