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Dear Friends,

Its the World Water Month.  We had a World Water Day (WWD) Kayak Clean-Up with Kolam Ayer (GOH Minister Yaacob) with two members leading and three safety boat (6) were involved. That morning we also had our first Fatherand Son Kayak Bonding Clean-Up for 9 pairs organised by Raffles Institution. The programme observed great success.

During the week, we had two sponsored school talks – Northoaks Primary (38 pax), sponsored by Pratt and Whitney and Chongfu Primary (40 pax) sponsored by NWCDC. We also had another Kayak Clean-Up programme for NPTD (10 pax) and we participated in NEA’s Environmental Challenge for Schools Networking session. Our CEO, Eugene Heng, attended a seminar conducted by NVPC on Talent Management. There were four safety boat duties this week.We also received news of our successful ITQ with MPA (thank you MPA) for a 2 years partnership for school talks. There was also a cheque for £100 donated from a researcher on her work conducted for the Financial Times. Thank you.

Our weekend patrol resumed full-stream with a total of 30 members present including three new members. We also had our committee meeting for our WWS Family Day happening on the 18th March 2018 (Sunday). We had a total of 12 engagements in Fishing but no engagements for anti-littering over the week. There are also 5 engagements for smoking. The flooring for our half-container office was completed this week and we hope that the delivery of the container can be completed in the month of March.

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