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Dear Friends,   The week was semi-active for WWS. There were no school programmes (probably due to the hectic preparation for examinations in school) but we had one bike programme for Nan Hua High School teachers (15 pax), two kayaking programmes (including boat and pedal-boat) for Adobe (20 pax) and WWF-HSBC (42 pax), one volunteer service for gardening with four Salesforce staff, and also include two meetings with potential sponsors. We also had a booth at Salesforce on Wednesday. On Sunday morning, we had three of our members participate in a booth at the Income Eco-Run and our CEO, Eugene Heng attended the launch of Keep Clean Singapore. We also brought one of our potential sponsors and his family on a clean-up tour. We also had three safety boat services during the week. During the week, there was a total of 28 members did duty in Marina and Punggol including gardening. One of our boat engines has been sent for major servicing and will be out of action for about 2-3 weeks. There is a total of 37kg garbage collected over the course of this week, with an additional of about 10kg of litter picked up by our weekend patrol boat. These litter picked up are normally seen to have 60% of plastic origin. There were a total of 15 new applicants in April. Otters were again sighted around our beach front.   During the weekend patrol, we removed one fish casting net and one long net from the Geylang Bridge. The net was stuck in water for some time with dead fish caught above water. There were a total of three groups engaged for fishing. There was no engagement for anti-littering this week. Electric foot scooters are seen more frequently and often speeding in a silent manner. It is especially difficult to engage since we are still waiting for our LTA Authority Card. The weather during the week has been quite unpredictable with very hot days and very wet days. It is also observed that the water level at Marina seem to be low at our Biodiversity Pond.

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