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Dear Friends,

While it was a short week (with 1st May being Labour Day Holiday), WWS still managed to conduct a decent number of programs. We started post labour day with a River Monster Junior (RM Jr) programme with 55 young kids from Sparkletots. At the same time, we had 12 Salesforce members from China joining us in doing voluntary gardening work. That afternoon we also had another Salesforce group doing CSR with us on Pedal-boat (11pax). On friday, we also had a CSR programme with Infineon on bike (40 pax). During the week, we had received two new enquirers from corporates, another two from schools and one for safety boat for 2019. We also had a successful sponsorship programme from a new corporate, Legend Shipping (thanks to one of our members, K.T.).

During the weekend, WWS had a total of 46 members on patrol in Marina and Punggol. Of these, 17 were new members doing their orientation. This is our largest numbers in our history. Well done members of WWS!

During the week, there were 65 pax anti-littering engagements done and 19 individuals were engaged on fishing. Many were sighted fishing upstream (Rochor and Sungei Kallang) and some groups throwing nets (Jala) – please see photos and details under PUB below. All complied when engaged probably due to our strength in force as well. On Sunday alone, WWS had 10 members on bike patrol and also sent out three boat patrols on Sunday.

The weather lately was really freaky with rain both on Saturday and Sunday at the Barrage but sunny at our office. Luckily it was just passing clouds though there was still heavy rain.

There are a lot of litter sighted along the waterways, even in front of our beach (see video attached). All were cleared by cleaners as sightings reported. Back on land, we can still observe plenty of litter especially on public benches and favourite fishing grounds. Post public events appear to be better managed although we are still more concerned with littering and social grace during such events. We still believe in proper responsible behaviour and less dependence on public cleaners.

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