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Dear Friends,

During the school vacation week this week, we managed to run a day camp for 32 students from Shuqun Primary School and a Pedal Boat and Kayak programmes for 32 teachers from Boon Lay Garden Primary School.  There were no school talks or WWE conducted, but we had two major Corporate CSR programs with Pratt & Whitney (22 pax) and Amcor (55 pax) doing Kayak, Pedal Boat, Boat and Foot on Saturday. Fortunately, the heavy downpour early in the morning cleared before the commencement of the programmes and the weather was just right. The total amount of litter collected for the week was 182.03 KG.

During this week, we had a fruitful meeting with NParks for our Jurong Office. We are now in the process of receiving a formal approval of a site that we had identified. We target to start operating the office in April 2019.

Over the week, we had 2 weekday patrols in Punggol and 2 weekend patrols in Marina. Weekend patrols had a total of 23 members on duty and 22 from CSR. There were four new members doing orientation this week, 2 at Marina and 2 at Punggol. Sunday patrol had their own lunch cooked for 15 fellow members. During the weekend, we also had one night patrol done on 8th of September by 9 of our members.

During Sunday bike patrol, there was no anti-littering engagement done as the patrol session was interrupted by heavy downpour. A total of 11 fishing engagement were conducted during the week. As a result of the heavy downpour during the weekend, we noticed that a lot of litter was found in our waters.

Weekend patrol also reported litter along the footpath at the Hotel boss and we had shared this issue with DPC. 2 anti-littering engagement were made during the night patrol on littering. A 25 year old Chinese was caught throwing cigarette butt at the grass patch opposite lamp post A3/84. Our night patrol members managed to stop and engage the subject involved. Another man was spotted littering at the grass patch during night patrol.

Our housekeeping team did a wonderful job in re-arranging our storage area for bike and boats. Training was conducted for admin staff on accounts maintenance on Saturday and a meeting was held for Jurong Steering Committee on Sunday.

During the week, we had two safety boat service preparing for F1. We are also in the process of repairing and cleaning wws#1 that had been retrieved earlier from operation and the boat donated by NParks for Jurong Branch Office.

We would like to highlight our concern about shared bikes being left everywhere. We noticed that there was one at Mount Pleasant that have been there for about 4 to 5 months.

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