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Dear Friends,

The Christmas Holidays are approaching and there are only a few weeks left of school. This week, we managed to complete 7 programs in total, 3 for schools and 4 for corporates. We managed to do one 2 day 1 night Enviro-awareness Camp for Woodgrove Secondary for 24 students, delivered 1 River Monster session with Regent Secondary School, and 1 Kayak Cleanup Program session for Anderson Primary School teachers. In addition, we also managed to do 3 Corporate Kayak Cleanup Programs with NVPC and Eka training group (LTA) and 1 Corporate Bicycle and Waterway Cleanup program with Oil Spill Response Limited. There was one safety boat need. Unfortunately two of the three kayak programs this week was affected due to heavy thunder and lightning and we had no choice but to do wet weather program instead. Another corporate program with IMH was cancelled as a result of poor sign-up rates. In total, we collected 127.4KG of litter this week, where 60% are of plastic origin.

During the week we had one CSR program cancelled with MCCY as they wanted it for free. Sad but it is a fact. Spending money to understand, learn and appreciate our environment is still low priority for many and not much money to spend in this area.

During this week, we had a total of 26 members who joined in our patrol this weekend, 24 in Marina and another 2 at Punggol. There was 1 Punggol Weekday patrol done by 2 members. There were still sightings of Shared-bikes parked indiscriminately still happening and there were still individuals found fishing outside approved zones. The fishermen are often seen just outside our premises at the public pier even with No Fishing sign board present.

There was a total of 2 individuals engaged in Fishing and 2 individuals engaged in anti-littering (including 4 on smoking).

During the week, it was the thai festival of Tot Loy Krathong and many of the Thai’s released lanterns and loose change into our reservoirs. WWS would like to suggest that perhaps PUB does some engagement with the Thai embassy to come up with some appropriate alternative or solution. We can help to provide assistance if needed.

During the wee hours of Saturday morning around 0230hrs, one of our members sighted about 10 adults swimming in our waters at Kampong Bugis while 2 others were climbing the coconut trees.

Our waters, as reported by patrol, was quite dirty and filled with litter especially by our Sunday boat patrol. Litter along the shoreline still visible (Gardens East and Flyer) and sighting of pack of stray dogs on the open field at Kampong Bugis seen again.

Waterways Watch was surprised to see the approval of the donut dining boat in our Marina. As valued partners, we thought we would have been given some advance sharing. We do have real issues on potential littering and health and safety for the diners as it seems that the approved ‘floating donut’ 9 diners looks quite cramp and the worrying issue is whether there will be easy access to life vests and life buoys if need be.

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