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Dear Friends,

As we enter the month of December and with Christmas approaching, we can expect a slowdown in our activities.  However during the week just gone by, we still managed 1 MPA talk with Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, 3 corporate events with Gushcloud (with our local celebrity, Ms Julie Tan), China Navigation Company Private Limited and Prime Structure Engineering Private Limited. In addition, we also completed 2 safety boats. In total, we collected 213.63KG of litter, where 60% were of plastic origin. A bigger than normal ‘catch’ due to the heavy storm weather.

During the week, weekend patrols were supported with 46 members at Marina and 2 at punggol. Punggol office also had two weekday duty done by 3 of our members. This weekend we also had members kayak patrol for 13 members and boat training for berthing for three of our new drivers. We are delighted to see our Garden crew who came down on both Saturday and Sunday.

During our Kayak, Boat and Bike patrols, we continue to sight litter in the water including bad algae below nicoll highway bridge. We also see that there is still plenty of litter on our shorelines during our Clean up program. We cleared plenty this week during our programs.

Shared bikes still problematic and irresponsible parking by users. We also continue to see the presence of shared foot scooter at the Marina area. We were unsure whether the shared foot scooter it is now permitted by LTA.  Speeding electric foot-scooters still common sight in both punggol and Kallang.

Fishing is still a continuous challenge and often even at the flyer area or around marina bay. Open defiance (they cannot be ignorant of our fishing rule?).

Weekend engagement on anti-littering and smoking was done and we sight gambling in the park at the shelter front of public toilet kallang riverside park. They will hide their money when we approach. Patrols did not sight Donut Boat weekend but understand they are in operation

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