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Dear Friends and partners,

Assembly Talks and Lunch Talk

It was another wonderful week for Waterways Watch Society. We did a total of 4 Assembly Talks for CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent, Bukit View Primary School,Juying Secondary School and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. We also conducted 4 Assembly Talks sponsored by MPA for Fuhua Primary School,Henry Park Primary School, Guangyang Secondary School, Fengshan Primary School as well as a corporate lunch Talk at Infineon Technologies by Mr Eugene Heng.  In total, we have outreached to 8,500 students and 50 staff in just Assembly Talk and the corporate lunch talk. Kudo to our team!

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programmes

In addition, we have managed to conduct 1 Kayak River Clean-up Programme for NUS (32 students) and a Bike Environmental Programme for Hilton Singapore (30 staff).

Outreach Booth

We also had an outreach booth at Holy Innocents’ High School, outreaching to 500 students.

Special Highlights

(a) WWS Carnival 2019: Everyone Counts

This is our 3rd year organising our internal carnival pertaining to World Water Month. The carnival was supported by 65 strong Waterways Watch Society volunteers outreaching to 170 members of public who signed up for our activities: Kayak, Pedal Boat, Boat and Bike. The carnival outreached to an estimated 300 visitors in total.

However, due to bad weather in Punggol, the CLC Punggol New Town Learning Journey was cancelled.

Mr Eugene Heng, CEO also conducted an interview with NUS intern and had meetings with OBS and PA Water-Venture. During the week, we did 5 Safety boat service and installed our pontoon at Jurong Lake. We would like to extend our great appreciation to NParks and PUB for all the supports in making Jurong a reality for us. We hope to be operational by May 2019.

This week we had two special events and it was also a very special week. Firstly, we held our annual World Water Day Carnival (our third so far) with over 65 members participating and supporting. Free Kayak, Boat, Pedal Boat and even Bicycle Trails were given to members of the public. A total of over 170 took part in our various free activities and we had about 300 visitors in total. There were 7 green vendors supporting us in this event. In total, we have collected over 60Kgs of litter from the various activities that were offered at the cost of our volunteers’ time to members of the public. The public also contributed over 40 kg of recycling materials to NEA’s Recycling Drive.

It was a meaningful and fun day for all like-minded individuals.

(b) Jurong Lake Pontoon.

Through JTC’s recommendation, we managed to sign our first sponsorship with Straits Construction. We hope to cement more sustainable partnerships with the corporates, schools, even the community around Jurong. WWS @ Jurong Lake will be scheduled to be opened for operation sometime in April/May 2019.


During the week, we sighted at least 4 illegal Fishing individual and groups (A group of 3 along the beachfront or F1 Building and Duck Tour Exit and a group next to SBDA side- see photos) on Sunday. We have also educated a total of 35 park public users on anti-littering.

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