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Dear Friends,

Another crazy week for Waterways.  This week we did a River Monster Junior program for 16 kids from Eton House pre-school and accepted a donation cheque raised by Mosaic Kindergarten as a result of a free talk given to the pre-school kids earlier. We also did five Corporate Programs for Levi (46), Euromonitor (70),Datacard (16), Salesforce (7) and ST Engineering (24) respectively. There was one CLC Talk at Punggol Office for 42 participants and a total of 3 safety boat service was done this week. In addition, we had a meeting with OBS Alumni to discuss possible collaboration.

On Friday, we attended the talk on “The Water Will Come” organised by CLC. On Sunday, CEO was interviewed by Kyodo Press on our volunteer work.

For the weekend, a total of 25 members reported for duty, including 10 new members doing orientation. At Punggol weekday had 6 members doing patrol. The CCTV coverage was installed for Punggol Office Branch.

There was 4 engagement on anti-littering at Punggol Waterways and 3 groups for illegal fishing at Punggol and Marina. Saturday patrol reported sightings of discarded building steel rods under the viaduct next to Marina Bay Center and litter on the shoreline near the Eye. Sunday patrol had litter to pick-up upstream Singapore River (after heavy downpour). Beach front of WWS also quite dirty with litter. (see photos).

Total litter collected for the week was 207 kg.

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