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Dear Friends,

This week was a quiet week for WWS in terms of programs, we took this chance to prepare for our WWS ICCS 2019. We did two corporate CSR events for Henkel and Infineon, both of them did multiple programs. There were 62 staff from Henkel did Kayak Waterway Clean-up, Bicycle Waterway Clean-up and Pedal-Boat Waterway Clean-up. Infineon did Kayak Waterway Clean-up (44 pax) and Pedal-Boat Waterway Clean-up (12 pax). This was also the official launch of the six kayaks that Infineon staff donated.  There was one safety boat duty done this week.

CEO had two meetings with Oceanus to discuss future partnership.

Over the weekend, 34 members turned up for duty and 9 new members doing orientation at Kallang branch; 9 members did bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden; however Punggol branch was closed this week.

Total litter collected for this week was 67kg.

During this week, there were 6 engagements on fishing, all advised and complied. On Sunday, patrol members engaged one Chinese man releasing a few catfish into Marina Reservoir. However, he defended himself as he was doing for mercy and walked off.

Litter still sighted around Marina Reservoir bank areas; moreover, Jurong Lakeside Garden also picked up much more litter, 8 kg, mostly plastic waste.

On Saturday, patrol members found litter left by overnight dwellers at Dragon Boat Beach.

Sunday bike patrol group found three shared bike discarded at Kallang riverside near lamppost no A3/33 and A3/5. Another unwanted bike was spotted at Kallang Riverside beside public toilets.

Also on Sunday, a burning BBP pit was left unattended near fishing zone of Kallang Riverside Park; an Aluminium foil with charcoal residual was found at nearby dustbin and burning marks were found on surrounding grass patch. There were a couple of young Malay look like staying overnight.

Many rubbish spotted near the dragon boat training area of kallang riverside near lamppost A3/11.

A group of park user hung hammock across the trees near lamppost A1/37 in Kallang Riverside Park, was engaged to remove and they complied.

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