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Dear Friends,

This week WWS played host to a group of visitors from EPA of Taiwan ( We shared our experiences and challenges on waterways protection and public engagement program). We also did four programs this week, one CSR Boat Clean-up with 30 pax from BOC Aviation, one Coastal Clean-up for 60 pax from Sea Consortium, on Kayak Clean-up for Temasek International and lastly a CSR program for 70 pax from Solvay. There was no school programs due to school holiday.

In total, 156kg litter was collected during programs.

During working days this week, five members of Punggol team did one boat patrol on Wednesday and one bike patrol on Friday. On Wednesday boat patrol, members sighted cleaners jet spraying the concrete bench under Punggol Road Bridge, to clear the pigeon droppings. The waterway was clean and no visible litter, no stray dog and wild boar sighted and no illegal fishing and smoking engaged during patrol. On Friday bike patrol, members found abandoned luggage and lots of litter under Punggol East Bridge next to Hao Supermarket (see picture) and also abandoned bike at lamppost E2 A-1 E-423 (see photo). There was no sign of stray dog and wild boar during patrol but one monkey sighted on fence of Oasis Primary School. Members picked up a total of 2kg of litter. We are however concerned with sightings of stray dogs using the playground that brings safety and health risks. (see photos).

On Friday, at Kallang Riverside Park, we sighted expat couple with three dogs swimming and playing in kallang Basin Waters(see photo). Reported to PUB.  On Saturday, two members went on bike patrol at Marina. They found plastic litter on jetty under Dragon Boat Beach, suspected left by fishing people; 2 cough mixture bottle without label found along the channel side behind Decathlon (see photos). In total, they picked up 3kg litter around Marina Reservoir (see photos). The water was very dirty (after heavy downpour on Friday), especially near Tanjong Rhu Promenade opposite Indoor Stadium (see photos).

Coming to Sunday, eight members went bike patrol and two new members doing orientation, and two members plus five new members did boat patrol. The bike patrol group found an event sign board left over at Sir Arthur Bridge beside the switch box number 070 (see photos). One young couple found using hammock to tie on the trees near lamppost A3 21 in Kallang Riverside Park. The couple took down the hammock after member gave engagement (see photo). Members also noticed that water was full of rubbish near Dragon Boat Beach. In total, bike patrol group gave two fishing engagements 60 pax of anti-littering engagement and picked 5kg rubbish.

The boat patrol members on Sunday also did a good job. They reported fair bit of rubbish washed out near floating platform and many drink containers left behind on sets of SR UOB Building (see photos). What’s more, they picked up a lot of plastic bags in front of MBFC and also a fish suffocated by plastic bag (see photos).

For Lakeside, on the Sunday afternoon, seven members and two new members did bike patrol and one members stay in office as admin. They picked up litter along the way to Jurong Lake Gardens Gym ActiveSG and collected a total of 5kg. Patrol was cut short because of we On the other hand, at Punggol, three members did bike patrol along the waterways. They noticed there was a loosen boom near Jewel Bridge (see photo). Under the Punggol Road Bridge, pigeons were feeding on bread, the stone branch was cleaned up but new droppings started to appear (see photo). They also engaged a regular fisherman at Punggol, fishing at the same spot – opposite Waterway Primary School (see photo). Punggol team also reported again the stray dogs playing on the sandpit (see photo).

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