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Dear Friends,

This week WWS continued with our in-house training and OJT WWE training at Punggol Waterways and Lorong Halus Wetland for new leaders. Weekend patrol at Kallang and Jurong were still conducted with small groups and weekday patrol was done at Punggol Waterway as usual. Body temperature of every member reporting for duty was taken and recorded  before each patrol. 

On Wednesday, boat patrol was conducted at Punggol Waterways with four members. Members noticed an increasing amount of litter being picked-up from Punggol Waterways. Items picked up included umbrella and volleyball (see photos). Members also found a loosen boom next to Punggol SAFRA, reported to PUB directly. A jerry can has been around for a while near SAFRA also, reported to NPark and has been removed. On Friday, four members joined a bike patrol at Punggol Waterways. They had one engagement on illegal fishing near Sunrise Bridge. In total, 2 kg of litter was picked up(see photo).

On Saturday, seven members came to Kallang Office for bike patrol. The otter-sighting signage at the fishing zone beside Arthur’s Bridge has fallen down on the floor, which was reported loosen in the past two weeks (see photo). Litter was found at the rest table beside Dragon Boat Nursery Beach and under plants opposite the sand pit in front of Sports Hub (see photos). During the patrol, members also found litter at Costa Rhu Park and along embankment near Benjamin Shear’s Bridge (see photos). Two fishing engagements were attempted with one group complying, but one individual fisherman challenging our patrol members. We did not attempt to engage him (reported to PUB).

On Sunday, six members joined bike patrol at Kallang and another four members came to Kallang for boat driver training. During our bicycle patrol, members found out there were lots of masks thrown on the ground around Marina Reservoir (see photos). Two groups of illegal fishing were advised at Duck Tour Launching area and under Benjamin Sheares Bridge MBS side respectively- all complied. Another six were sighted just outside our premises Sunday morning to noon period (reported to PUB). 

In the afternoon, six members came to Jurong Lakeside office for duty. Five members went for bike patrol and one did admin and housekeeping at the office. Although members saw park users throw rubbish into the bin responsibly, there was plenty of litter found along the water bank before PA Water Venture. Members picked up 2.5kg of litter in total (see photos). 

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