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Dear Friends,

We are moving forward. WWS is slowly recovering from the CB. We continue to market our virtual training problems with corporates and of late, slowly linking up with some schools offering our virtual presentations. We hope to increase these numbers as we have had zero activities this past 5-6 months and created a negative impact on our work and financial status. Luckily, we have had some encouraging success with new corporate partners and donors and hope this would be on the increase. Our thanks to our latest supporter, Astrazaneta. We are also conducting our first kayak cleanup programs after CB next week. So far from July to December 2020, we have about 20 programs on bookings but our target is to achieve 100-120 programs for the rest of this year. We have appealed to the relevant government authority for higher funding support and sponsored internship programs but so far, nothing positive has been received. 

With the first weekend after Polling Day, we had duties resumed at all three of our site offices.

At Marina, we had two bike patrols (one for members and one for new members totaling 8 persons) on Saturday morning. There were 7 fishermen fishing inside the fishing zone, but also lots of illegal fishing around Marina (outside approved zone)spotted by patrol members. Litters were found at the usual hot spots: jetty next to Dragon Boat Beach, the water’s edge in front of Spots Hub, and along Costa Rhu Park (see photos).  The worst littering case was in front of Flyer, members picked up 4kg of rubbish at the single location and mostly beer bottles and cans (see photos). Perhaps the relevant authority can send a reminder to the owner responsible for this area- The Flyer?? Total litter collected was more than 6 kg and 8 masks were picked up along the way (see photos).

In the afternoon Punggol had two bike patrols for members and for new members bikes did  orientation, plus a boat patrol for new members. In total 10 persons were present.  Bike patrol teams found cigarette butts and lot of litter discarded next to the wall fountain shelter (see photos). One shared bike discarded under the stair at the wall fountain, reported last week (see photos). As reported by members on the boat, the water in the canal between Jewel Bridge and the waterway point is greenish color (see photos). Total litter collected was 2 kg, mostly plastic bottles, and 8 masks which 2 are reusable (see photos).  

On Sunday at Marina, we sent out two bike patrols (members and new members, totaling 10 persons) and two boat patrols (members and non-members totaling 8 persons) plus two doing gardening. There were four Admin Staff at Marina on Sunday. Boat patrol members reported milky water discharging from SR R25 outlet (see photos). Trash was also found almost throughout the whole patrol journey, especially along the Singapore River and between Tanjong Rhu and WWS office. As for bike patrols, many plastic bags and other trash were left behind by the public near lamp post A1/55, under Benjamin Sheares Bridge and in front of Flyer (see photos). Lots of used masks were found being thrown on the floor and in water, even washable masks (see photos). In total two boats picked up 16 kg litter from water and 6 used masks, and two bike patrol groups collected 6.5 kg litters and picked up 15 used masks. 

In the afternoon, members at Lakeside sent out one bike patrol (5 persons), and three other members continued to do boat cleaning. The park was quiet and relatively clean, members picked up rubbish mostly at Rasau Walk. Litter collected was 2 kg with 80% plastics and rest were cans and tetra packs (see photos).

In all, Waterways Watch sent out a total of 44 members for the weekend, collecting a total of 32.5 kg and 37 used masks.  It was sad and disappointing to note that so many discarded masks are still being found in public places.  In addition, we are very concerned with the sightings of so many fishermen outside the approved  Fishing Zones. There appears to be open defiance today.  It appears to be worse post CB period and under Phase #2.  There is already evidence of littering and leaving behind of food wrappers and fishing hooks and larger groups are now seen around the Marina and Kallang vicinity. Waterways Watch Society supports responsible fishing and there are many who are responsible but the growing number outside the fishing zones and irresponsible behavior (often with live bait) is very very troubling.

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