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Dear Friends,

This week we did one Virtual River Monster for 20 students from Admiralty Primary School and also another CSR program for Colliers. There were 12 staff from Colliers who did Bike Waterway Clean-up and collected 17kg of litter, and another 23 staff came for Foot Waterway Clean-up who collected 63kg of litter (see photos).

The weekday boat patrol at Punggol was conducted by 4 members, and picked up 1kg of litter from water. They also noticed a lot of rubbish accumulated next to the ceiling waterfall, but unable to access (see photos). Many PMD users and illegally parked PMDs were spotted along PCN at Waterway Point Mall. 

On Saturday morning, there were 8 members coming for duty, and 3 new members for bike patrol orientation and 2 new members for boat orientation (see photos). They did 1 boat patrol and 2 bike patrols. During patrols, bike patrol group 1 found that plenty of cigarette butts under Benjamin Sheares Bridge at Gardens by the Bay (see photos) and also lots of litters in the water around the Floating Platform (see photos). Bike patrol group 2 also found much rubbish outside the indoor stadium (see photos). As for boat patrol, they picked up litter along the Singapore river, mostly plastics and cans. Near Clark Quay, they found a lot of plastic bags and styrofoam lunch boxes from a drain outlet (see photos). A total of 6.5kg of litter was collected on Saturday morning.

On the afternoon of Saturday, 5 members did bike patrol at Punggol and 4 members plus 1 new members under orientation did boat patrol (see photos). They found plenty of cigarette butts, beer cans and food leftovers discarded at the wall fountain shelter (see photos). Luminous strip of staircase came off at the fountain platform and floor at the staircase next to the wall fountain cracked at the corner (see photo). Beer bottles and cigarette butt boxes left at lamppost E14-1-C E-27 and lots of cigarette butts found at Lamp post E6-1 8 (see photos). Total of 15 PMDs were sighted parking next to Waterways Point SC with some riding excessive speed. Four youth males smoking next to Waterway Point were engaged by members and they complied. In total, Punggol patrol groups picked up 6.5kg of litter and 7 discarded masks (see photos).

On Sunday morning, a total of 20 members and new members came for patrol at Kallang. They did 2 groups of bike patrol and 2 groups of boat patrol (see photos). Litter floating around the Floating Platform and cigarette butts under Benjamin Sheares Bridge were the same as Saturday. Near lamppost 3-1L/10 at Gardens by the Bay, one dismantled bike was left on the grass (see photo). A few fishermen were fishing along the embankment in front of the Flyer. In total, 22.7kg of litter and 10 masks were picked up from land and water (see photos).

On Sunday afternoon, 9 members did one bike patrol and one boat patrol at Jurong (see photos). The bike patrol group found an abandoned NTUC trolley near lamppost WN 1 L3S8 T1 N5. Along the Rasau Walk, a used diaper was found between 1st and 2nd loop (see photo). There was some whitish water between 1st and 2nd loop of Rasau Walk, but members didn’t manage to trace the source (see photo). Members picked up 4kg of litter and 1 masked from the Rasau Walk (see photos). As for the boat patrol, they picked up 3 kg of litter from water, mostly plastic bags. 

In the late afternoon at 1600hrs, 12 members did a special kayak patrol in Marina Reservoir. They picked up 32kg of litter (see photos).

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