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Dear Friends,

This week we managed to conduct two CSR Programs. One was the combined boat cleanup for JTC Corporation (8pax) and BANYAN CAVERNS STORAGE SERVICES (22pax), they picked up a total of 116kg of litter from Kallang River and Geylang River (see photos). The other program was a Kayak Cleanup for PricewaterhouseCoopers Risk Services. The 19 participants picked up 33kg of litter (see photos). In total, around 150kg of trash was collected for the 2 programs this week.

On Wednesday, 4 members did Punggol weekday duty on the boat (see photos). They picked up 3kg of the litter consisting mostly of plastics plus 2 masks. 

On Saturday morning, a total of 15 members came to Kallang for duty (see photos). Bike patrol was conducted by 7 members and went along the Rochor Canal, boat patrol along Singapore River was conducted by 3 members and another 3 members were doing boat training, plus 2 gardeners. Plenty of trash was floating in water in front of BLK 816 and BLK 28 (see photos). Bike patrol members also picked up lots of litter from the flower bed along the Rochor Canal opposite Sim Lim Tower, and also from the garden below Blk 28 (see photos). In total, the bike patrol group picked up 2kg of litter, mainly plastic and cans, plus 3 masks. The boat patrol picked about 20kg of litter, consisting mostly of plastic wrappers, a few cans, plastic bottles and 3 masks. While picking up litter around Boat Quay area, they spotted a dead body floating just before Elgin Bridge at 1130hrs. The sighting was reported to PUB and we understand that Civil Defense activated.

At Punggol,19 members planted 50 threes at Punggol Waterway Park under the NPark One Million Trees Movement, on Saturday morning (see photos). In the afternoon, 3 members did a bike patrol along Punggol Waterway Park (see photo). There were a lot of litter found at the following locations: on top of the glass roof next to wall foundation, PCN footpath next to the Happy Hawkers coffeeshop and below the Food Village Coffeeshop (see photos). The total litter collected was 6kg plus 7 masks (see photos). At the wall fountain, the No Smoking Sign was found to have been vandalized and the staircase metal strip found came off and the cement came off at the platform (see photos). Safety buoys at the boardwalk found missing for more than 4 months.   

On Sunday morning, 19 new members completed their orientation. There were 6 members conducting a bike patrol, 8 members conducted pedal boat patrol training with two pedal boats and 3 members turned up for admin support (see photos). The blue pedal boat picked up 15kg and 1 mask from biodiversity pond. While the red pedal boat picked up 5kg litter under the jetty near Dragon Boat Beach. The bike patrol went towards Marina Barrage, bypassing the Sports Hub. At the Dragon Boat Practice area, plenty of rubbish piled up near to the rocks (see photo). Situation has not improved since I reported last week. At the entrance of Marina Barrage Bay North side, plenty of rubbish is thrown outside the rubbish bin, members clean it up (see photos). Along the patrol, members collected 13kg of rubbish and 11 masks. Two members of public were sighted releasing two bags of cat fish into the reservoir at Kallang Riverside Park (see photos).

In the afternoon, 21 kayakers did kayak patrol at Jurong Lake, 7 members did a foot patrol and 4 members did boat patrol which at the same time performed a safety boat for the kayakers (see photos). The bike patrol picked up 5kg of litter in total, including mainly plastic bags, straws, 3 lighter, a liquor bottle and bottle caps, but no face mask (see photos). Lots of trash stuck under tree branches at the river mouth, cannot reach by both bike and kayak patrol. Kayak patrol picked up 50kg litter in total. Extremely disappointing and raises lots of concern on public behaviour. There is still a need for much more education and increase in enforcement.

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