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Dear Friends,

This week we conducted 3 sessions of WWE @ Lower Seletar for students from Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, sponsored by NWCDC. For wet weather, a virtual learning journey was conducted in the classroom as replacement. We also did one Boat Waterway Cleanup Program for PUB (13), as part of their staff induction program (see photos).

On Wednesday, 5 members did boat patrol at Punggol using 2 boats. The Punggol team noticed that for the past few weeks, they have been picking up offering flowers from the area in front of the Terrace EC, almost during every round of patrol (see photos). One aerator was found upside down near Station 7 (see photo). After the patrol, members did some housekeeping and maintenance at the pontoon.

The Saturday volunteering patrol at Kallang involved 20 members and 2 admin staff. They went out in 2 groups of bike patrol and 1 group of boat patrol (see photos). One of the bike patrol groups went towards Marina Barrage area. Many beer cans and plastic bags were found under the Sea Grape Trees besides F1 Pit (see photos). Plastic cups and plastic bottles were found under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge again this appears to be occurring every week (see photos). Another bike patrol group went to the upstream of Kallang River and found lots of plastic bags floating near the bank along Kallang Riverside Park, but not accessible from land (see photos). At the end of Pelton Canal, lots of litter was found near the water edge, including leftover food that appeared rotten (see photos). On the other hand, the boat patrol group found lots of litter along the Singapore River (SR), especially under the bridges of SR.. The litter contained mostly plastic coffee bags, straws, soft drink cans and patrol even picked-up 3 tennis balls. Unfortunately, the patrol was suspended due to the heavy rain. In total, the boat patrol picked up 10kg of litter plus 2 masks, the two bike patrol groups picked up 2kg of litter plus 2 masks and 6kg of litter plus 2 masks respectively. A total of 18kg of litter and 6 masks was picked up on Saturday morning.

The afternoon patrol at Punggol was canceled due to the prolonged heavy downpour across the whole island. A total of 6 members were scheduled for duty that afternoon.

On Sunday morning, 14 of the 17 scheduled new members attended the orientation session (see photos). There was also 1 bike patrol group with 4 members, 1 pedal boat patrol and 2 members doing gardening plus 2 admin (see photos). Due to the heavy rain on Saturday afternoon, the water was very dirty, even the area in front of ACM was full of floating litter (see photos). There were also lots of floating wooden debris and washed down plants due to the heavy downpour on Saturday (see photos). Despite the orientation group focused more on sharing information and briefing, the orientation groups picked up 10kg of litter and 6 masks in total. The pedal boat patrol helped to retrieve one of our buoy that was washed away by Saturday rain but we lost one solar floating buoy. Then they picked up about 15kg of litter and 9 masks from the vicinity of Stadium (see photos). A trashline was formed about 5m away from the water edge, along the grassland before the Duck Tour Jetty (see photos). There was no specific hotspot for littering, but all the water edges were full of litter, especially in front of the Singapore Flyer (see photos). The bike patrol group picked up 9kg of litter in total plus 9 masks. In addition, one No-fishing sign was dented, in front of the ACM (see photos). In total, Sunday patrol groups and orientation groups picked up 34kg of litter and 24 masks.

On Sunday afternoon, 7 members did a bike patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden and 3 members did a boat patrol in Jurong Lake (see photos). Due to the heavy rain, lots of trash churned up on the water bank. Most of this litter was plastic pieces, cans and bottles. Rasau Walk was also full of trash but members were unable to reach them. The boat patrol found lots of leaves, twigs and litters (mostly plastic water bottles and cans) in the water around the Passion Wave area. The float boom outside the construction site seems to be broken and the broken part is drifting away (see photos). The two groups picked up 9kg of litter and 5 masks in total. 

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