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Dear Friends,

Last week was also a very slow week for WWS once again. We did 4 programmes (3 virtual and 1 physical), and had 6 patrols with 28 members involved in all patrols and maintenance activities. Currently we are on minimum activity for members even.

We did two sessions of Virtual Learning Journey at Marina for new citizens (48pax and 49 pax respectively) co-organised with Empact. We also did a virtual assembly talk for 8 classes (200 students) from Spectra Secondary School, sponsored by North West CDC. Feedback from the School was good. On Saturday morning, Ninja Van did a corporate Kayak Waterways Cleanup for 24 staff at Kallang River and Marina Channel (see photos). The total litter collected by them was 64kg, including 35 masks and a lot of cans and plastic bottles. They found a lot of aluminium cans were found below the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. Feedback was good from the participants and with the short downpour even more meaningful experience for everyone.

During weekdays, no patrol was done. Some members only did housekeeping and maintenance  at Punggol (4 members) and Jurong/Lakeside (2 members) (see photos). 

On Saturday morning, 2 members did a simple bike patrol around Marina Reservoir (see photos). They found the whole route was clean with no particular hotspot but isolated small litter along the way. The most common type of litter they found was masks (13 pcs)  then followed by cans (12 pcs) and plastic bottles (9pcs). They also picked up many food containers, plastic spoons, chopstick wrappers, etc. There were 4 other members who came to warm up boats and did a simple patrol along Singapore River. At two different locations, the stone slate steps fell into water along Singapore River (see photos). They pick up 10 cans and 7 bottles, as well as 4 masks from the water. Together with many plastic bags and wrappers, the simple boat patrol picked up about 4kg of litter. 

In the afternoon, the Punggol Waterway was very clean. Four members came down to warm up all boats at Punggol. By making use of this down period, they also practiced towing boats side by side along the waterways (see photos).

Three groups of scaled-down patrols were carried out at Kallang on Sunday morning: 1 group of bike patrol and 2 groups of boat patrols, with 2 members in each group (see photos). The bike patrol group went towards the MBS area. They spotted a bike without seat discarded next to lamppost A3/69 near Ducktour (see photos). Along the way, they picked up lots of plastic bottles (29 pcs) and cans (28 pcs), and also 14 masks. The boat patrol groups also picked up mostly cans and plastic bottles, but also 3 masks and 5 wine bottles. 2 members stayed back to do some gardening maintenance (see photos).

There was no regular patrol at Jurong last Sunday but 3 members did some housekeeping and maintenance work.  1 member did a simple foot patrol at Jurong Lakeside Garden in the late afternoon (see photos).

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