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Dear Friends,


“When will they ever learn to do the right thing?”

1. Last week was again another slow week. Nevertheless, we continued to do our duty:

a. We conducted 1 virtual programme for new citizens (49pax) which was organized by MCCY – EMPACT. We also conducted a total of 3 virtual Talks and 4 virtual Learning Journey programmes to 3 schools. In view of the present Covid situation, this would most probably be the direction of having to conduct more virtual programmes. The Admin Staff in collaboration with NParks are in the process of completing a virtual learning programme for kids. In this regard, we are also reviewing our programmes and trying to make a bold attempt of producing virtual Clean-up tours. We welcome expertise in this area especially of photo-shoots and technical support for conducting live commentary and intersperse with videos and power-points.

b. On Friday 29 Oct, our President Joo Kek introduced the Punggol Waterways Watch mission and the Water Story to 30 participants from the 11th Leaders in Urban Governance Programme (LUGP). This is our continuous collaboration work with Public Agencies.

c. For obvious reasons, we had no outdoor CSR/VIA programmes. Most programmes have been postponed.

d. We will continue to take this down-time to conduct training and touching base with facilitators and volunteers. This week on 31 Oct, we had another electric boat training for 3 more boat captains. In addition, our President Joo Kek and CEO Eugene had a second virtual meeting up with our members. A total of 32 members attended the afternoon session. They had the opportunity to hear and know how we are all coping with the situation. The aim of the session was to touch base with the members and to keep them posted on the latest development both in the Environment society at large and what WWS is doing to continue with our work. The latter cannot be possible without the passionate support and understanding of all members. 

e. In spite of the restriction which hampered our society from organizing more patrols, there were many who wanted to come. In the end we have to work on a rotational basis or first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, the patrols are limited. This week, only Marina had a total of 4 boat patrols and 3 bike patrols with a total of only 8 and 6 members participating respectively. There was 1 boat patrol (3 pax) and 1 bike patrol (2 pax) at Punggol and Lakeside respectively. The total litter collected for the week was 10kg.

f. Littering is still a problem; and in particular some of the litter left behind deserved to be mentioned here. The amount of wrapped up food waste and drink receptors suggested that group gathering was present. Also, a large group gathering was spotted on Sunday, again indicating that people are blatantly flouting the safe distancing rules.

g. Illegal fishing is still a problem. It is difficult to identify them because many are cleverly masked up.

h. We are proud to report here that the Waterways Watch Society has achieved the Silver Award for our Happy Garden and a Gold Award for the Biodiversity Pond. This Bi-annual competition organised by Nparks was open to all Community Garden Sites. 

i. Lastly, but not the least important, Waterways Watch Society would like to congratulate Mitsubishi Electric Group on your 100th Anniversary and we are certainly proud to work with you on ensuring a sustainable society for everyone. On behalf of all staff and volunteers, we thank Mitsubishi Electric Group for their sustainable partnership.


2. Educational Programmes

3. Volunteer Patrols & Activities

     a. Marina

b. Punggol

c. Lakeside

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