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Dear Friends,


“It should be a Way of Life to keep Our Waterways Clean and Safe”

These are just three photos taken of people flouting the rule and totally disregarding the “No Fishing” sign boards. Almost on a daily and weekly basis, such scenes are very common, and what is more annoying to the law-abiding is that most of these fishermen were regulars. They are not concerned about the people around them and even when told by our volunteers most turned a deaf ear. But, at best, some would just walk away. We will report to PUB and will always receive an acknowledgement – “noted”.

Certainly we are not against fishing per se but, we are concerned for the safety of other park users and the seemingly total failure or lack of enforcement. Very often our volunteers and programme participants have picked up, among other litter, fishing gear such as lines, weights, artificial baits and hooks. We are asking for stricter enforcement only because we want everyone to be socially responsible. Perhaps like the PMDs, it is time to consider issuing a “fishing licence”, something that some would say is too old fashioned and cumbersome to structure and manage. But, we did give this reason for PMDs in the past.  Worth considering?

A safe and clean environment and a sustainable biodiversity in an urban city like ours cannot be taken for granted. It was the vision of our Late Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew when he embarked on ‘an ambitious plan to clean up the Singapore River and the Kallang Basin’ that “It should be a way of life to keep our water clean, to keep every stream, every culvert, every rivulet free from unnecessary pollution”.

A salute to our dedicated volunteers. Last Sunday 18 September, the spirit of volunteers at Kallang was not dampened by the heavy downpour. They came and although they could not go out on their patrols, they did not idle or fret. Instead they rolled up their sleeves and helped to check the equipment and clean up the premises.  Thank you to those who came and your effort and spirit are very much appreciated by all.

In summary, the following activities were done for this week:

  1. We conducted 8 CSR programmes which were attended by 218 participants and together they collected a total of 293 kg of litter.  The programmes comprised the following activities:
    • 2 Boat clean ups
    • 1 Bike clean up
    • 7 Kayak clean ups
    • 2 Pedal Boat clean ups
  2. This week a total of 92 members were involved for CSR/VIA programmes, patrols, administration, housekeeping duties and, the total trash collected = 322 kg.
    • Boat Patrol. A total of 3 Boat patrols were carried out; 1 at Marina and 2 at Punggol.
    • Bike Patrol. A total of 2 Bike patrols were carried out; 1 at Marina and 1 at Punggol.
    • Foot Patrol. We conducted 2 Foot Patrols; 1 at Lakeside and 1 at Pang Sua.
    • Pedal boat Patrol. No Pedal Boat patrol was conducted at Marina.
    • Physical Bike and Boat Clean Up Orientation for New Applicants. This was not conducted.
    • Boat Tour for Frontline workers. We conducted a boat tour for 8 Frontliners.


  1. Educational Programmes
  1. Volunteer Patrols & Activities

a. Marina

b. Punggol

c. Lakeside

d. Pang Sua Pond

e. Yishun Pond Patrol

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