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  • Weekly Report 17 April 2017

    Dear friends, This week was short (with Good Friday) but we at Waterways Watch Society (WWS) managed to run three programs. We had a school talk (our first under SPH sponsorship) for 1,000 students at Hillgrove Secondary School, a Science Carnival booth at Anderson Junior College (our annual partner) and

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  • Weekly Report 11 April 2017

    Dear Friends,   The week was mainly dedicated to four days of programs with WWF for schools. We collaborated with WWF and had over 150 students from various schools – Stamford Primary (22), Queenstown Primary (26), Global Indian International, St Anthony’s Primary and Cantonment Primary (46), and Easy View Primary

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  • Weekly Report 04 April 2017

    Dear Friends,   It was another very busy week for Waterways Watch Society (WWS). We had three CSRs (Salesforce – 18 pax on kayak, GSK – 40 pax on bike and boat and PUB Foundation – 34 pax). School programs included one Assembly Talk (sponsored by SPH) at Zhenghua Primary

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  • Weekly Report 28 March 2017

    Dear Friends,   After our first successful Waterways Watch Society (WWS) Family Carnival Day in support of World Water Day 2017 our events during this week was simply overwhelming. In total, we conducted over 5 assembly talks (2 of which were sponsored by MPA and 3 sponsored by NWCDC), covering

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