WWS Team

Ms. Diane NEO, Programme Manager

Diane (bottom second from right) has been with the Waterways Watch Society for more than six years, and is the Society’s Programme Manager. She manages and coordinates various environmental programmes with various schools, corporates, organisations and government agencies. As a ACTA-certified trainer, coupled with her 25 years of training and management experience, Diane has trained youths and adults from many schools and organisations. 

Diane leads many groups on the environmental programmes, sharing with them the importance of environmental sustainability. Her passion and strong dedication has inspired many volunteers to share the same cause. 

Mr. Kok Wai Tong, Educational Facilitator

Wai Tong (top right) started his career as a full-time military officer in the Artillery Department (one of the pioneer batches) after graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He retired from the army after serving 29 years holding the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC). He then moved on to become a school teacher in his second career before his retirement after serving 19 years. With his strong relentless passion in working with the young and the eagerness to teach, Wai Tong chose to join the Society as an educational facilitator. Wai Tong delivers many environmental talks to individuals from all walks of life, and participates actively in environmental panel discussions to help raise awareness on the need to keep our waterways clean and safe.

Dear Diane, 

Thanks for the impressive presentation. The teachers were amazed that the pupils were so engrossed in the content of the presentation. It’s a fantastic idea to let the pupils see the bigger picture why we need to save and guard our Waterways. 

Mdm Loo
East View Primary School, Teacher

Dear Ms Diane, 

Our P4 students also enjoyed the Virtual Learning Trails to Pang Sua Pond and Lower Seletar. The Kahoot session was also fun. Some students shared that they are keen to head down to these locations during the holidays. We look forward to partnering with WWS again in the near future. 

West Spring Primary School, Teacher

A Big Thank You!!

On behalf of the AZ team, it is our pleasure to partner with WWS. I found the overview of WWS and the conversations around water security very compelling.