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Did you know that 10,000 kg of trash is reported to be collected per day by the cleaners from the Marina Catchment alone?

Since our establishment in 1998, Waterways Watch Society has been committed to keeping our environment and waterways clean and safe for all to enjoy, as well as promote environmental ownership to all ages and abilities, especially the young generation. In just 2018, WWS reached out to over 24,079 people with our talks, learning trails and clean-up programmes and collected over 6,100 kg of trash from the Marina Reservoir alone during our clean-up programmes. Despite our efforts and that of our cleaners, our waters are still not truly clean. And the pollution is affecting our source of drinking water, animals and us.

Our reputation as a Clean and Green City owes greatly to the hard work of our cleaning staff and waste collectors. Singapore has about five million people and 70,000 cleaners. We cannot simply rely on the efforts of our cleaners and waste collectors in keeping our environment, waters and home clean! Preventing is better than cleaning up. Public awareness and individual ownership are very important and effective solution tools for the prevention of water pollution.

We WANT AND NEED to do more. We want to continue on our mission to bring people together to love our waters and make sustainable future a reality for all! And to do so, we need your support. Every effort counts!

Your valuable donation will help us:

  • Environmental Education Programmes: Nurture, inspire and encourage people of all ages and abilities, especially our young generation to take on greater ownership of our environment!
  • Volunteer Environmental Patrols: Sustain our efforts in keeping our environment and waterways clean and safe for all to enjoy!

By ensuring our waterways clean and promoting individual ownership, your donation will also help to save lives! Like these poor animals found trapped in litter by our volunteers. 

Donations made to Waterways Watch Society can qualify for a 250% tax exemption. For example, if you donate $100 to Waterways Watch Society, $250 will be deducted from your taxable income (not your final tax amount). 

*For local donations , tax relief will be given on donation amounts of SGD$50 or more (excludes matched amount).



Scan the QR code to make a donation directly to WWS. Please provide your Name and NRIC in the reference section for a donation receipt.

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  • Cheques can be made out to Waterways Watch Society and sent to our office address: 4876 Beach Road Singapore 199587

  •  If you would like to receive tax exemption for your donation, do write the following details behind the cheque
    1. Full name as per NRIC/Employment Pass/Work Permit
    2. NRIC/FIN number
    3. Contact number

    If you provide us your email address, we will also email you a tax-exempt receipt for your records.
    *For local donations , tax relief will be given on donation amounts of SGD$50 or more (excludes matched amount)

We would like to thank our kind donors for their genorous support:

  • SAP Asia Pte Ltd
  • EASVEN Pte Ltd
  • EIG Dermal Wellness (S) Pte Ltd
  • Lauer & Sons Investments Pte Ltd
  • iFAST Corporation Ltd
  • P&B Env Pte Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd
  • Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division Pte Ltd