Coastal Clean-ups

Ever wondered how our beaches look without the care of the cleaners?

Explore yourself through a beach/coastal clean-up programme and join us in taking care of our beaches. Gain insightful discovery on the consequences of ocean pollution, and its implications on our marine environment, wildlife, and even us, humans.

Details/ Information


This programme is subjected to weather and tidal conditions. Please email us for the available dates and more information on the location.

Duration: 2 hours

Equipment/Items needed:

  • Materials needed for the programme will be provided by WWS
  • Participants should bring their own personal water bottles and writing materials.
  • Participants should wear comfortable outdoor attire with covered shoes.
  • All materials will be provided by WWS


  • Please enquire via the form appended below.

*Important Note:

  • Available dates for this programme are subjected to tidal conditions. 
  • The programme cannot be conducted in the event of inclement weather.
  • There is no wet-weather programme. Please email us for further enquiries.

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