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  • Weekly Report 24 June 2019

    Dear Friends, It was another normal week for Waterways even though it was school holidays. We managed to have two coastal clean-ups this week- Epson (150) and Edenred (80) at beach@NSRCC. These two programs alone collected a total of over 700kgs.  In addition we had a corporate talk for Epson

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  • Weekly Report 18 June 2019

    Dear Friends,   It was a relatively quiet week for WWS being the school holidays. We only managed to do two corporate programs, Bike Waterway Clean-Up for 17 participants from Illumina and Coastal Clean-Up for 80 staff of ANZ. In addition, we had two recces with new corporate Makino Asia

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  • Weekly Report 11 June 2019

    Dear Friends,   First week of School Holidays but yet we managed to run three Kayak Waterways Clean-Up programs for schools: two programs for Manjusri Secondary School with 31 and 36 students respectively and one program for 31 teachers from Xinmin Primary School as their CSR. Other than these, we

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  • Weekly Report 04 June 2019

    Dear Friends,   Another week of activities for us. Although not so hectic as in the previous few weeks, we still managed to do six programs with schools and corporate. We did two WWE for Kranji Secondary at Pang Sua Pond and Lower Seletar respectively, in total 77 students; two

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