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Date: 24 August 2015
Venue: Waterways Watch Society (new premises)
Time: 1500-1640hrs

Attendees (58)

Johnson Ong Bee Hin, Ramesh Chamandas, Ho Chee Weng, Low Hian Hong, Francis, Edwin See , Adrian William Chng Kiang Hwee, Xie Qiusang, Tan Soi Hong, Kong Kwek Fon Louis, Gwee Xiao Feng April, Tan Jui Ming, Tan Siong Aik Alex, Gappe Jennifer A., Alice Kho, Teo Cheow Yan, Ivan, Ethan Lim Ying Wei, Ding Kian Seng, Low Joo Kek, Francis Ng Soon Hock, Kheh Kim Chong, Lee Chee Kheong (Russell), Ang Chang Fong, Kelvin, Toh Hui San, Deborah Sia, Toh Boon Whye, Jway Gek Hoong Cynthia, Ng Swee Shoon, Muhd Raihan Bin Amrun, Edward Sebastian John, Tan Xing Yuan, Harley Chia Guo Wei, Mohammad Fauzy Bin Mos, Nathaniel Tan Xin Wei, Tan Tun Phong, Chng Fang Ning Jacintha, Tan Yanping, Eugene Heng, Victoria Lee Woei Shyuan, Ng Shiang Nee, Lee Wai Seng, Eddie, Carol Phillips, Low Kee Choon, Joe, Bryan Lim Hohn-Joo, Cai Yinzhou, Tony Tan, Ng Kak Ling, Sim Chia Yeong, Kelvin, Muhammad Fariz bin Abdul Kader, Lee Yun Shan, Joanna, John Joel Seow, Shi Dalun, Edwin, Tong Yiu Yan, Annie Young Giri, Tan, John, Siti Farhana Bte Maidin, Peh, Bryan, Puah Mui Kiang, Fiona

Outstation (10)

Absent with Apologies 

Eric Lim, Tang Wai San, Wilson Yap, Tony Khoo, Alvin Tay, Chiang Kwai Fong, Telly Sim, Nurul Alia Bte Maamon, Ben Tan, Bernatt Tan, Joycelyn Tan, Yilinn Teo, Xing Juan, Abhijit Patwardhan, Hwee Shan, Sunis Quah, Soe Tint, Joseph Tay, Mary Ann, Wilson Yap, Pat Sng, Alfred Tan, Peck Khee, Brian Chia, Daniel Cheung, Hon Wai , Yihui, Rebecca and Rachel Tang , Jorshon, Lear , Lionel Chia, Soo Fan, Alison Seet, Seow Hui Ching, Oo Fock Ming and Janet Chan

Passing of 2014 Minutes

Kheh Kim Chong (member) proposed the passing of minutes, and Gappe Jennifer A. (member) seconded.

All present were unanimous in favour of approving the minutes.

Welcome note/ Review of April 2014 to March 2015 events

Chairman Eugene Heng welcomed all at the new premises (previously occupied by PA Water Venture).

New premises

The new premises would be used for our expanded programmes, while original site continues to remain as bicycle storage, and member’s room, wet weather programs amongst other uses. The new premises will also house our Admin Office and Seminar Room for our programs.

Sponsors/ Volunteers

Eugene thanked all the volunteers for their past year’s contributions.

Special thanks to our new sponsors (such as Woh Hup who organized charity drive for us) and our sustainable partners and sponsors like Pacific Radiance (for sponsoring their second boat), NEA (CIF), NWCDC, Powerseraya (PLAY), PUB (MBLT), Pratt and Whitney (LahLah), BBA Aviation, Ascendas (MBLT) and many others.

CIF: Call for Ideas Fund

PLAY: Punggol Learning Adventure for Youths

MBLT: Marina Bike Learning Trail

LahLah: Learning Adventure @Halus, Loving, Appreciating Halus

Programs and other Costs

In this FY, WWS conducted a total of 35 Corporate Social Responsibility Programs with Corporate groups with an outreach of about 1100 participants. We also conduct events including off-site events, River Monster programs, beach clean-ups, assembly talks, and learning trails.

ProgramsTotal number of participantsTotal number of programs
River Monster1,51036
Assembly Talk15,70026
Learning Trail1,66052
Kayak Programs75622
Beach Clean-Up6708
Corporate Social Responsibility programs1,10035
Corporate Talk2205
School Camp301

In addition to more programs being run, there are also other costs, including:

  • 3 full-time staff
  • 8 boats operating costs (6 at Kallang, 2 at Punggol), and
  • Bicycles maintenance costs.
  • Office Maintenance cost (e.g. power, water, pest control, etc.).

With more programs such as enhanced kayaking programs and WWE programs, more leaders are required.

Eugene strongly urged our volunteers to help out during weekday programs whenever they are able to commit.

Kayak programs require more volunteers/ leaders, as there are only 2 leaders currently. As the popularity of this program is high, we require more leaders to support and manage participants.

Number of volunteers

WWS continues to see a healthy growth of membership and as at March 2015, wehave 420 members.

Administrative staff and volunteers

Eugene thanked faithful support given by the administrative staff and regular weekend volunteers.

New administrative staff

The 2 new administrative staff are –

1. Mohammad Fauzy Bin Mos

2. Alice Kho (part-time)

IT support (off-site)

1. Tan Tun Phong

2. Ivan Teo

Graphic designers (off-site)

1. Deborah Sia

2. Joycelyn Tan

Vote to retain our present auditor ” Baker Tilly TFW LLP”

We continue to maintain our WWS’s IPC status this year, but due for renewal next financial year.

All present were unanimous in favour of retaining their Baker Tilly TFW LLP as WWS’s present auditor.

Review and passing of accounts 2015

Eugene shared with the members the financials of the society. Overall, cash balances are healthy, with the continuation of IPC status and prudent use of funds.


Kheh Kim Chong queried on costs of potential big- ticket items for the new premises.

Other than 5 units of new air conditioners, there were minimal renovation costs incurred for the new premises. Painting was done by volunteers/ administrative staff and we moved office ourselves.

A lease negotiation is on-going, pending confirmation. Lease term for new premises at Kallang is 3 years and supposes to be rent-free.

Eugene also mentioned that container office at Kallang Park was sponsored by O.S.G. Contractor Pte. Ltd. There is minimal running cost for the container as it is powered fully by solar energy- a project done by Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Edward Sebastian John (member) proposed and Loo Joo Kek (member) seconded.

All present were unanimous in favour of approving the accounts 2015, except 1 member (Xie Qiusang) abstained.

Election of new office bearers

The new office bearers as follows:-

Chairperson: Eugene Heng

Vice Chairperson: Ivan Teo

Secretary: Tan Yanping

Vice Secretary: Teo Yilinn

Treasurer: Ng Shiang Nee

Assistant Treasurer: Victoria Lee

Ng Swee Soon (member) proposed and Harley Chia Guo Wei (member) seconded.

All present were unanimous in favour of new office bearers.

Other key members

Eugene then updated the members of “Other key team members”.

Admin team:

Muhammad Fariz bin Abdul Kader, Tan Yanping, Alice Kho
, Chng Fang Ning Jacintha, Annie Young Giri, Mohammad Fauzy Bin Mos

Education team:

Eddie, Muhammad Fariz bin Abdul Kader, Chng Fang Ning Jacintha,

Tan Yanping, Annie Young Giri, Mohammad Fauzy Bin Mos ,Ding Kian Seng, Alice Kho

Operations team (aka Housekeeping): Joe Low, Francis Ng

IT team: Ivan Teo, Tan Tun Phong

Graphic Designers: Deborah Sia, Joycelyn Tan

Eugene expressed his sincere appreciation to these key members and volunteers (especially regular volunteers and leaders including Edward, Yui yan, Eric Lim, Jun Ming, Louis, Adrian, Ben, Joo Kek). Not foretting also the Punggol Team Kelvin, Telly, Cynthia and Joo Kek for the past year.

Looking ahead 2015/2016

Update on WWS Punggol Office

Eugene shared that WWS Punggol Office requires more volunteers to ensure overall sustainability of Punggol office.

Other than that, WWS also required more kayak leaders.

Potential for WWS offices in other areas of Singapore

Louis Kong queried, if WWS would be planning to replicate WWS offices in Jurong or northern part of Singapore.

While WWS is always looking ahead and willing to take on challenges, our greatest challenge is that of finding dedicated Volunteers to Lead.
There are potential sponsors interested to help set-up new office’s however, without proper staffing, this would not be sustainable and not justifiable for WWS to partner. In answer to Louis question, Eugene mentioned that any member keen to take this challenge to please offer himself/herself forward and see him to discuss strategy and plan. We would certainly like to be in all parts of Singapore and that in fact was our original plan when established in 1998.

Update on eco Kallang Park

WWS is the first non-governmental organisation to sign an agreement with the National Parks Board (NParks) to organise and run activities in a park.

WWS would also be working on a biodiversity pond, sponsored by Ascendas, as an added education tool to teach students about nature and our sustainable environment.

Walls painted with murals of the old Kampong Bugis have been partly completed, while WWS continues to look for sponsors for more imaginative bins in the shape of frogs or bottles.

Update on NEA Authority cards

There are more stringent requirements, including more training days for expanded authority covering offences like smoking, etc. Those interested please register when more details are known.


We thank Adrian and Louis for spearheading and reviving our Nite Patrol on a monthly basis. Those interested please contact Admin.

WWS is pleased to announce that our Chairman Mr Eugene Heng has been awarded the Public Service Star (BBM) at this year’s National Day Awards 2015.

Fishing activities and Use of electric bikes in parks

Such activities continue to be rampant, as public does not perceive such activities as contravening to the law. Often they blame it on absent of No Fishing Sign. We will engage and explain and until we have enforcement power from PUB, there is not much more we can do. We will continue to feedback to PUB for their Ranger to do the enforcement.

Other initiatives

Raising environmental consciousness

Eddie Lee requested for an update on Eugene’s NEA sponsored visit trip to Taiwan, and other initiatives WWS are adopting as an environmental conscious society.
Eugene than shared the experience which essentially centre on the visit to Schools where there was a total absence of Cleaners. All schools did their own cleaning everyday. Something which he hopes our Singapore Schools will follow in the future. In addition, we also visited two pubic NGO events- The Taipei Run and a Beach Clean-Up. The Run event displayed almost no littering by participants and each runner taking responsibility and ownership. For Beach clean-Up, sorting of litter collected was a requirement and recycling done very evident by the organisers of the event. This is a very holistic public event and not one of just collecting litter and dumping it as general waste. The PHC now has a video on this encouraging the public to be more aware and to take more ownership with one’s own daily action. WWS will be enhancing some of its programs like River Monster, CSR to include some form of recycling action after each activity.

WWS is also encouraging bring-your-own-bottles. As a first step, WWS will replace the supply of bottled mineral water to Newater, thus reducing the demand for normal bottled mineral water. Eventually not to be supplying any bottled plastic mineral water to participants.

Anchor programs

WWS would also continue with its 4 anchor programmes, namely:

MBLT: Marina Bike Learning Trail
KRCP: Kayak River Clean-up Program

WWE: Waterways Watch Explorer

RM: River Monster

_____________________________ ___________________________

Minuted and recorded by Chairman: Eugene Heng Chin Hien

Assistant Secretary:

Lee Woei Shyuan, Victoria