Date: 01 September 2019, Sunday
Venue: Waterways Watch Society (Kallang)
Time: 1400hrs – 1700hrs

Attendees (58)

Kelvin Oh Kian Seng, Deborah Sia Li Lian, Lee Woei Shyuan, Teo Cheow Yan Ivan, Edwin See, Kheh Kim Chong, Toh Boon Whye, Alvin Tay Soon Nghee, Tay Ji Qin(Joseph), Ho Lijean, Diane Neo, Hsieh Qiu Shong, Kam Wai Kuen, Pavel Kuzmin, Eddie Lee Wai Seng, Chiang Kwai Fong, Jeremi Ong Swee Beng, George Peng, Peh Thiam Chen, Jonathan Poo, Zhao Kuifeng, Loi Kah Hin, Gan Kong Nam, Cordelia Koh Hwee Hiang, Bernatt Tan, Kenny Kam, Daniel Lee Soi Keng, Kanan Bala, Nguyen Do Dung, Adrian William Chng, Chong Ked Poon, Soon Zoe Hwee Peter, Tan Jui Ming, Lai Ching Wee, Edward John, Low Kee Choon, Wee Bee Lian, Tay Kheng Tong, Tay Yume, Tan Yanping, Ng Shiang Nee, Eugene Heng, Ng Linjie, Gan Juin Fei, Florence Yeo, John Tan, Phe Ee Xuan, Kong Kwek Fon Louis, Sim Chia Way Telly, Sim Chia Yeng Kelvin, Muhammad Zulfiquar Bin AB Azis, Toh Hui San, Nurul Alia, Siti Farhana, Li Anqi, Simon Tan Weijun, Kok Waitong

Absent with Apologies

Rachel Yip, Rebecca Yip, Alfred Tan Cheng Hock, Marilyn Cheng Yuan Hua, Nigel Koh Wee Tat, Tang Wai San, Alice Kho, Isabel Loh Jia Xin, Edros Fairul Shaikh, Mohammad Fauzy Bin Mos, Helen Heng, Lim Ren Yi, Tan Xing Juan, Huang Shilei, Bryan Lim, Bryan Peh, Myra Goon, Teo Yi Linn, Jocelyn Tan Sio Hoon, Lawrence Yeo, Cheng Huang Leng , Lyo Yap, Abijhit Partwaden,  Ding Kian Seng, Loh Chee Wah, Lim Poh Guan,  Muhd Raihan Bin Amrun, Tan Hwee Shan,  Liu Hui Yi,  Marilyn Cheng,  Jocelyn Tan,  Derek Lim,  Yilinn Teo,  Wee Jeiqi, Mohammad Noh, Doreen Tan, Jorson Tok, Jasmine Chew, Chew Keng Chiak, Helen Heng, Gregory Tan, Benedict Tan, Ethan Lim, Joanna Lee, Wong Zi Qin, Heng Tao Qin

Out of town:

Annie Young Giri, Goh Chia Chia,  Wilson Yap, Diana Ng,  Chen Huiyi, Tony Tan, Henry Hsu, Cher Huey , Merilyn Umbon and Felicia Chua


(1) Opening Speech  

Mr Eugene Heng, CEO, and Founder of Waterways Watch Society welcomed new members to the family. He also highlighted the opening of our third branch–Lakeside! He is grateful that residents of Lakeside are getting involved with our volunteering opportunities to keep the area clean. Eugene hopes more members who can contribute their time on weekdays to join the team to reach out to more residents in the Lakeside community. 

(a) Sponsors and Donors

The society thanked Mr George Peng for his support in championing the sponsorship for our new uniforms within his company, Mitsubishi. Eugene shared that there will be a potential sponsorship from Mitsubishi in donating two air-conditioners for our seminar room to aid in providing a comfortable learning environment for students and corporates. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to BBA Aviation for their generous donation of USD5000. Also, he thanked volunteers who have donated and contributed their time to society.

        Eugene remarked that our regular partner–DBI is also looking to donate two dragonboats to society. The dragonboats will be meant for our outreach programmes and are in the process of discussion with Mr Ding Kian Seng. Eugene shared that Cancer Can Give supports our outreach programmes in reaching out to cancer warriors. 

         Also, the society has two MOU with OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) and NVPC (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre), to support their camp and Kayak River Clean-up Programmes, respectively.

He said that MPA will take control of the Marina Reservoir, thus, getting permits, certification, and surveying will require authorization from two different authorities.

 (b)Boat Training

Eugene mentioned that Mr Bernatt Tan and Mr Low Kee Choon (Joe) are the head trainers of all boat drivers in Waterways Watch Society. The training programme is to ensure that the designated boat lead facilitators are well mentored in delivering safe and smooth operation of each weekend boat patrol.


(c)Sharing from the Admin Team

Ms Diane Neo thanked the volunteers and hopes to see more volunteers joining in our outreach programmes and assisting in our weekday programmes.


Mr Kok Waitong thanked for the opportunity to join the society, he hopes to contribute more in any way he can.


Miss Li Anqi expressed her joy in joining the Admin team this year and to see all the volunteers today. She also encouraged volunteers to join in the upcoming Waterways Watch Society’s annual event – ICCS 2019.


Mr Simon Tan is looking forward to meeting all the volunteers – from both Saturday and Sunday. 


Miss Ho Lijean shared that she is delighted to be part of the team.

(2) Passing of AGM 2018 minutes

Mr Kheh Kim Chong (Member) proposed the passing of the minute, Mr Lai Ching Wee seconded. All present were unanimous in favour of approving the minutes.

(3) Review of Performance from April 2018 to March 2019

Mr Ivan Teo, President of Waterways Watch Society shared the overall performance of the society from April 2018 to March 2019 using a Salesforce dashboard. He stated that the Salesforce system allows a detailed analysis of allowances and the number of outreach programmes.

He noticed that in this financial year, there is a shift of interest from water to land outreach programmes. However, he highlighted that Kayak River Clean-up Programme remains a popular choice among corporates. He also remarked that there is a greater demand for School Assembly Talk which allows the society to outreach to more students.

Ivan concluded and thanked the team for the significant impact the team has made through the outreach programmes. He also shared that the recent National Day Rally by Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Long has expressed increased attention on sustainable environment, which will push for more involvement from corporates and schools.

(4) Review and Passing of Accounts from April 2018 to March 2019 

Miss Ng Shiang Nee, Vice-President of Waterways Watch Society shared the overall performance of the society for the financial year from April 2018 to March 2019.

(a) Statement of comprehensive income

Shiang Nee shared that there is an increase in service fee from our outreach programmes and safety boat services. The increase is contributed by the two new MOUs that we had – OBS and NVPC.

She highlighted that administrative expenses have also increased because of the rise of outreach programmes, which in return, requires more manpower and staff support.  She also shared that the Society faced a greater deficit of SGD$15,885 this Financial Year, but we can cover this deficit with reaching out to more donors and tapping on the Bicentennial fund, which grants a one for one matching.

In addition, she explained that in this Financial Year, the Society’s cash flow goes into investing in the Lakeside Satellite Office which stands around SGD$25,000 and the operational costs needed for the two new patrol boats at our Lakeside satellite office. These investments are essential for sustainable running of our outreach programmes.

Mr Tay Kheng Tong (Member) proposed the passing of the Financial Account, Mr Kong Kwek Fon Louis seconded. All present were unanimous in favour of approving the Financial Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2019.

(5) Update of Punggol and Lakeside Branches 

(a) Update of Punggol Branch

                       Mr Low Jookek highlighted that Punggol started with only three members–Mr Telly Sim, Mr Kelvin Sim and himself, the team has grown with more regular members joining.  He reported that the branch started with only one boat and six bicycles, and the fleet has increased to two boats, fifteen bicycles, one buggy, two eco-riders as well as six kayaks (two double kayaks and four single-seated kayaks). The branch also had an additional container since May 2018.He expressed his gratitude on behalf of the team to Mr Lawrence Yeo, for his time in operating the Punggol satellite office on weekdays.

He shared with the new members who joined; this satellite office is located near to Waterway Point shopping mall. Patrols conducted on just Sundays, have now expanded to include Wednesday and Friday under Lawrence’s leadership. He explained that the purpose of conducting evening patrols allows volunteers to engage more park users in Punggol@waterway.  Besides the regular weekend patrols, the team also has partnership patrols and enforcement duties with LTA/NParks. There were four partnership patrols with NParks to engage park users on the proper use of shared paths.

Jookek reported that LOVE@ Punggol is one of the outreach programmes sponsored by OCBC, which is one of the popular choices.

Jookek welcomed all volunteers who are open and interested to know about this satellite office. 

(b) Update of Lakeside Branch

                       Mr Eugene thanked everyone who helped in the official opening of the Lakeside Branch. He mentioned that the core team comprises Mr Louis Kong, Miss Deborah Sia, Miss Rachel Yip, Miss Rebecca Yip and Mr Ding Kian Seng.  He further indicated his gratitude to Mr Low Kee Choon, Mr Shawn Tan, Mr Edwin See, Miss Tan Hwee Shan as well as Mr Muhd Raiharn for their involvements in setting up of the pontoon and the container office.

The society is looking at the potential of inflatable kayaks in our Lakeside branch. Eugene reported that the team will work with PUB and MPA in certifying the kayaks. Also, he expressed gratitude to NParks for their support in building the container office at Lakeside. He invited interested members to join Louis in the bike patrol happening on every Sunday, 330pm. Eugene also thanked sponsors such as Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd, Glorious (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and Woh Hup Holdings Pte Ltd.

                      Waitong and Diane shared that BCA will do their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme with us– which will be our first corporate outreach programme at this new space.

Eugene concluded and highlighted that our Kallang main office and two satellite offices (Punggol and Lakeside) offer volunteers a myriad of experiences, volunteers should try out the different patrol routes.

(6) Introduction of New Members in Admin Team

                       Eugene again thanked the Admin Team for their hard work and he emphasized the importance of teamwork within the society.

The admin team comprises Miss Diane Neo, Mr Kok Waitong,Miss  Ho Lijean,Miss  Li Anqi, Mr Simon Tan, Mr Edwin See and Mr Shawn Tan.

(7) Election of the new Committee

President of Waterways Watch Society

Mr Low Joo Kek

Vice-president of Waterways Watch Society

Miss Lee Woei Shyuan

Treasurer of Waterways Watch Society

Mr Ivan Teo Cheow Yan

Assistant Treasurer of Waterways Watch Society

Miss Ng Shiang Nee

Secretary of Waterways Watch Society

Miss Tan Yanping

No officers of the Management Committee receive remuneration for their services on the Committee.

Eugene invited questions from the present members after giving a brief description of each elected candidates standing for the election of the new committee. There being no questions from members, he then put the election of the new committee to the vote of the meeting.

All present were unanimous in favour of approving the election of the new committee. 

(8) Annual Events

Eugene invited all members to join in the society’s annual events–International Coast Clean up 2019 and TRY-Amazing Race with Pratt and Whitney 2019.

He emphasized that members who want to volunteer their time for these events are to commit as there is a significant amount of preparation work involved before the event.

(9) Future Plans

  1. a) PDPA Requirements

                       To comply with PDPA requirements, members’ NRIC/identify numbers will be erased from our database except for CVL members and staff. The society will retain the last three digits and the letter. Eugene also pointed out that considerate sharing of messages in WhatsApp groups should be emphasized. 

  1. b) Our new website

                       A revamped will come soon, thanks to Lijean. There will be an additional collaboration with online shops that sell eco-friendly products such as bamboo straws, reusable bags, etc. 

  1. c) Developing of Punggol and Lakeside Branches

Eugene encouraged more volunteers to join the teams on every Sunday, from 330pm to 6pm.



  1. d) Looking for Sponsors

Eugene highlighted that society is looking for sustainable partnerships with corporates willing to sponsor the following programmes:

              1) Outreach programmes

2) New patrol kayaks in Jurong

3) Replacement boat for patrol boat #2

(9) Closure

There being no other business, Mr Eugene Heng thanked all present and declared the meeting closed.