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Dear Friends,

Besides participating in our first joint patrol with PUB and NPC at Marina Bay on Sunday (8 WWS members), it was a normal week for WWS. We conducted a pedal boat programme with visiting participants from Peace Boat (10pax), a Kayak program organised by NVPC (40pax) and a CSR programme for Xylem (30pax) on Bike Learning Trail. Our CEO, Mr Eugene Heng, also had a dialogue session with 25 students attending the Pre-U Seminar, organised by River Valley High School. There were three safety boat support events during the week.

This week, we engaged over 25pax on anti-littering during our patrols, one smoking at MBS and a total of 6 for fishing. We also engaged one fisherman at MBS near the floating platform during our joint patrol. He was quite aggressive. We have reported it to PUB with details taken down. Our Saturday patrol also observes sightings of container trucks drawing water from Geylang River. They are regulars, and we are not sure if this was permitted (see photos). We have reported them to PUB. There was no Punggol patrol this weekend.

We also sighted very dirty and untidy grounds inside the fenced Marina Promontory (by the contractor obviously). The organiser should be engaged by MSO or NEA or URA to tidy the place up. We also noticed that two trash bins were fenced-in and not usable by members of the public (see photos).

At Marina Barrage, we found overflowing bins after an event even though the bin was empty on the inside. The security guard at that side was aware and has reported our sightings. The same situation was observed at PA surroundings (see photos). We strongly recommend that public event organisers should put extra bins when holding mass events and not solely make use of public sites’ bins. Unsightly overflowing bins are a common sight after such mass public events.

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