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Dear Friends,

It was another action-packed week for Waterways Watch Society, with a total of 5 programmes conducted . We started the week with a Bike and Foot Clean-up programme for 40 local and foreign students from the Yale-NUS College as part of their freshmen orientation activities. We also carried out a River Monster Junior programme sponsored by Goldman Sachs Group on the following day, with 20 students from Admiralty Primary School. A River Monster programme, co-sponsored by Goldman Sachs Group, was organized for 200 students from Spectra Secondary as part of their National Day Celebration. Throughout the week, we also carried out two kayak programmes with Republic Polytechnic (20) and Southeast CDC (30). Our programs for the week managed to collect a total of 106.71 kg of litter, of which over 60% were of plastic origin.

Over the week, we organized two weekday patrol duties at Punggol and our regular weekend duties at Punggol and Marina, involving a total of 37 members which included 2 new members (one for Marina and one for Punggol). We also conducted a kayak patrol on Saturday with 12 participants joining. Two visiting students from Japan came to join us on our Sunday Boat Patrol. We are delighted to share that we have received three new members application which include both locals and foreigners, over the National Day Week. We also provided 3 Safety Boat supporting services during the week.

A total of 3 fishing engagements was conducted, including one with a long net being laid across Sungei Kallang. For anti-littering, a total of 93 engagements was done. Our Sunday Patrol members also sighted a large tentage being set up at Kampong Bugis and have reported this incident to NParks. We continue to sight PMDs and PEBs speeding in both Punggol Waterway and Kallang  Riverside park. We are still waiting for our letter of authorisation from LTA and the retrieval of OBikes we have collected around Kallang Riverside Park and placed in front of our office. This has been reported to LTA several weeks ago.

We are excited to share the news that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 will be held on next Sunday at 1430hrs. We have also applied for an extension of grant per MEWR agreement on our premises. We greatly appreciate the support we received from MEWR on our environmental cause.

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