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Dear Friends,

It was an active week for Waterways Watch again. This week we did three programs with Hougang Secondary School: one River Monster (44 pax), one assembly talk (55 pax) and followed by a WWE PLAY (55 pax). 12 staff of Gone Adventure Circular did their CSR with us, five of them did Pedal Boat Waterway Clean-up, the rest did on kayak. We also did our regular two sessions of Kayak for OBS (102 pax) and one Kayak Waterway Clean-up for NVPC (40 pax). Additionally, we did one WWE at Pang Sua Pond for 16 students from CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace and one Coastal Clean-up for 75 residents from NUS PGPR. A total of 10 programs plus 8 safety boat support service were done. There was also one Corporate meeting with Pratt and Whitney to finalise their programs and the Try-Amazing Race (postponed to 9th Nov.).  NVPC requested for a change in their Kayak program dates with us for the rest of the year (an increase) and we receive on good news from another corporate Essence Global on some funding. Currently working on two new corporates for CSR VIA programs and perhaps sponsorship (BHP and 3M).

During the week, our programs still find lots of litter along the Marina, from both water and land, even during this dry season. Total litter picked-up 138 kg, including 80kg from off-site program. Waterways continue to see PMDs and PABs in our park areas- Punggol and Marina and often speeding. We hope LTA will be giving our community volunteers more authority otherwise we find our role very ineffective and meaningless.   On Friday, 1700hrs, we sighted an expat running in the Kallang Park with his dog unleashed (but with a muzzle on). We think this is not permitted (see photo).

Saturday patrol sighted a bin placed inside F1 barrier when it should be outside and rectified this with the contractor (see photo). We hope with F1 pre-construction work our access to patrol the boundaries of the Marina Reservoir will not be hindered and prevented. This area is considered public area. Closing during the F1 Race Days is acceptable.

There were 2 groups engaged in Fishing at Marina. One group of three was engaged by bike patrol group twice and another was single fisherman sighted by boat patrol team. There were also two engagements at Punggol done by weekday patrol. First engagement to two fishermen was well complied; however, the second one was uncooperative, and we reported to PUB (see photo).   Lakeside team also engaged one group of three fishing at dangerous slope and one group fishing in the fishing zone but using live bait (see photo). 

Over the weekend, 41 WWS members turned up.

There was a total of nine new members doing orientation, five at Marina, three at Lakeside and one Punggol. We continue to see quite regular sign-ups and an increase these past months which is very encouraging.  

At Lakeside Garden, training for three boat drivers was done. Thank you Bernatt for managing the boat training at Lakeside Garden for our boat drivers.

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