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Dear Friends,

This was a quiet week for WWS due to the current coronavirus situation. Wish you all good health. This week we only conducted a Power Boat Clean-up for Leadership Institute (7 pax), and one school talk cancelled due to the coronavirus. We are seeing a few more being cancelled in the advance weeks. OBS Kayak Clean-Up for the whole month of Feb. was also cancelled (8). A big financial impact to us.

On 1st Feb, Saturday, 15 members conducted a Kayak Patrol at Kallang (see photos). A total of 35 kg was collected. Bike patrol at Kallang was conducted on Saturday morning as usual, six members involved. During the patrol, members sighted litter like beer cans, plastic bags and plastic bottles left on the grassland along Dragon Boat practice area (see photos); a lot of rubbish floating in the water’s edge as well (see photos). Moreover, a cluster of plastic bottles and plastic cup was thrown on the Jetty next to Dragon Boat Launching area (see photo), and a few plastic bottles and beer bottles scattered around (see photo). Litter was found again at the same spot opposite the Beach Volleyball pitch at Sports Hub (see photo). Proceeding the patrol, members engaged four young boys fishing outside the railing near Helix Bridge. A poster of River Hong Bao was picked up from water (see photo) and other litter was also seeing in water in front of Flyer (see photos). Litter left from Chingay Celebration on Friday night was found outside F1 pit (see photos). As the patrol continue, they spotted the entire stretch of the beach is filled with rubbish between Duck Tour entrance till Sheares Bridge. Cleaning company in charge of this area was informed to clean up the beach.

In the afternoon, four members conducted Boat Patrol at Punggol and one new member did orientation. The water level in Punggol reservoir was very low at that time. There was no sighting of wild animal and smoker, but one illegal fishing was sighted. A total of 2.5kg litter was collected from water.

On Sunday Morning, there was a big group of members and new members coming for Patrol at Kallang, a total of 19 people. They divided into two groups during patrol. At the beginning of the patrol, Team 1 engaged a group of park users for anti-littering and surrounding area discovered a lot of leftover plastic and styrofoam boxes near duck tours exit(see photo). Three young boys fishing under the helix bridge, directed them to fishing zone near Kallang MRT and they complied. Continuing the patrol, Team 1 spotted two illegal fishermen casting the fishing net inside water and one of them was swimming deeply inside water to pull the fishing net. Members strongly advised both of them casting fish and swimming are both not allowed in the reservoir. In total, Team 1 engaged 5 pax of illegal fishing and 32 pax of anti-littering engagement and collected 3.5kg of litter.

On the other hand, Team 2 found that the grass in front of pavilion 1693-06 next to Kallang Riverside park fishing zone was full of plastic bottles and other plastic litter, probably left by people who had a party in the pavilion(see photo). Further down the road, dustins at Lamppost A3-13 and Dragon Boat Launching area was full and rubbish was thrown beside the bins (see photos). They also spotted four persons releasing fish into reservoir near the exercise corner in kallang riverside park(see photos). Fallen bike discovered outside the fence of condominium Camelot at intersection between Tanjong Rhu road and the Geylang Park Connector. In total, Team 2 engaged 3 illegal fishermen and about 50 pax for anti-littering and collected 6kg of litter.
There was an engagement done by a member of our patrol when he came across two persons arguing. A separate report will be submitted.

In the afternoon, two members came to our office at Jurong Lakeside Garden. They did housekeeping and boat maintaining instead of patrol.

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