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Dear Friends,

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, WWS didn’t conduct any program this week (our second week of cancellation). However we had one safety boat duty. Despite this being a downtime for WWS, we made use of this time to improve ourselves: we conducted in-house training, conducted OJT bike learning trails around Marina for new admin leaders and OJT WWE training at Lower Seletar Reservoir, Yishun Pond and Pang Sua Pond. On Sunday, five

Members of Admin participated in a hike to Bukit Timah Hill and Sembawang Hot Spring. In the meanwhile, we did more housekeeping and also spent time developing new ideas for our  programs.

Cancellation of weekend patrol was extended this week, but on Wednesday five members did a bike patrol at Punggol. During the patrol, members found litter being thrown outside dustbin and they collected 2kg of litter (see photos). On Sunday morning, three members came to Kallang office for gardening and in the afternoon, six members continued housekeeping for the pontoon at Lakeside (see photos).

In addition, new residents were sighted: a family of Whistling ducks (see photos).

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