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Dear Friends,

This was another quiet week for WWS.  While we did no program, we focused on housekeeping and admin work with more reviews and enhancements for our VIA Programs. Weekday patrol resumed over the weekend but conducted with a smaller group of patrol ( not more than six to eight members) at Kallang and Jurong. Punggol continued with their smaller group on weekdays.

On Wednesday, five members of the Punggol team cleaned up kayaks stored in pontoon and conducted a boat patrol. No illegal fishing and smoking was engaged and there was no wild animal sighted. In total, 2kg of litter was collected during the boat patrol.

On Saturday morning, three members came to the Kallang office to do gardening and seven members went out for bike patrol (see photos). Some stagnant water was found next to the floating platform (see photo). During the patrol, two groups of illegal fishing were engaged, at floating platform and under Helix Bridge respectively. Members engaged them politely and the two groups complied. We also note that PUB conducted some enforcement that afternoon.

On Sunday morning, another two members continued doing gardening at Kallang and one of them joined bike patrol later on. In total, six members did bike patrol. One live snake was found in Kallang Riverside park opposite Bougainvillea Pavillion (lamppost A4/12), members of public informed AVA authority when patrol group reached (see photo). Proceeding the patrol, members advised two groups of park users about anti-littering in front of Sports Hub. They all acknowledged and appreciated it. The surrounding area was quite clean (see photos). At the fishing zone near Sir Auther’s Bridge, one unattended big luggage bag was found near lamppost A 3/35 (see photos). And the otter-sighting sign nearby appeared loose and insecured, which may cause danger to the public (see photo).

In the afternoon, three members went bike patrol at Jurong Lake and one member stayed back to do admin. There were plenty of used masks and litter along the route and some bins were full. In total, 2kg of litter and five masks picked up during patrol.

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