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 Dear Friends,

This was the last week of CB, WWS is well prepared ready for restart although under phase #1 we are not able to.  Unfortunately  we are still not allowed to organize members weekend patrol ( even in small groups) and VIA Programs under phase 1, we have come up with SOP and safety measures for our activities. We were keeping reviewing our SOPs and floor plans to ensure that our members and our participants will be well protected by safety measures. To prepare for restarting, we were also planning for our virtual tour around waterways and maybe small scaled neighborhood-based clean-up programs. 

With the help of members, we have completed maintenance for Jurong Lakeside Office and housekeeping at Kallang Office (see photos). Garden crew removed fallen leaves and rotten fences (see photos). Due to the heavy rainfall in the past few weeks, there was lots of rubbish washed onto the grass patch in front of WWS office. After reporting to cleaners, they cleared the grass patch (see photos). Thank you Gardens By the Bay.

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