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Dear Friends,

This week was also a quiet week, we only had one VIA program and two CSR clean up programs. One was a Foot Waterway Cleanup for 20 international students and teachers from INSWORLD INSTITUTE, and they picked up 34kg litter within 1hr (see photos). There were 11 staff from Paypal and 11 from GECAS who came to do CSR Kayak cleanup, picking up a total of 64kg litter (see photos). Lots of the litter is plastic origin.

On Wednesday, 5 members turned up for duty at Punggol Branch. They did some housekeeping at Pontoon and on the boats before going out for boat patrol (see photos). There was plenty of litter found along the Punggol Waterways, a total of 4.5kg litter was collected within 1hour. The float boom near Jewel Bridge appears dislodged and blocking almost the whole waterway. 

At Kallang (Marina), on Saturday morning, 4 new members came for boat orientation, together with 5 existing members, they conducted boat patrols in 2 groups. There were another 7 members who went for bike patrol, moving out in the same direction but split into two groups at Kallang River (see photos). The two boats went upstream towards the Kallang River and Singapore River. The water was generally clean. The estimated total litter collected was 10kg, they also picked up 2 balls from the river in good condition (see photos). The 2 bike patrol groups found plenty of litter along their patrol route. Litter was found left at the ABC site shelter above the Kallang River, behind Kallang MRT. At Geylang Bahru, rubbish was stuffed in between the fencing of the boardwalk (see photos). Such irresponsible behavior was also found around the Marina Reservoir. At the jetty next to the Dragon Boat Beach, empty beer cans were tied onto the railing with plastic bags. Lots of cigarette butts were thrown at the stairs in front of the Indoor Stadium. And along the Tanjong Rhu Promenade, empty beer cans and bottles were left on the floor, where the dustbins are just a few steps away from them (see photos). Even in front of the WWS office, some people left the empty bottle and the melon seed shell on the benches (see photos). In addition, the embankment in front of the Singapore Flyer was also very dirty (see photos). 

At Punggol Waterways, we conducted one Kayak patrol on the Saturday morning. A total of 11 members participated and a total of 20kg was collected (see photos). Safety boat had another two members supporting it.  Found a few toy guns, bullets and two fishing rods made of branches. In the afternoon, 5 members did a bike patrol at Punggol Waterway Park and 2 new members came for bike orientation (see photos). Lots of litter was found near the waterways, mostly plastics, and cigarette butts. Especially near the condo side, a large amount of cigarette butts was found in between the topmost and 2nd topmost steps to the condo side entrance (see photos). The patrol group also spotted two teenagers fishing in front of the glass roof corridor-  engaged them and they walked off initially. Subsequently members spotted them fishing again near the Waterway Point Mall on their way back (see photo). A total of 7kg litter was collected.

On Sunday morning, a total of 23 members and new members turned up at Kallang office. They formed 3 bike patrol groups and 2 boat patrol groups (see photos). The park areas around the Marina Reservoir were generally clean, most of the litter scattered along the patrol route. There were a few remarkable points. Near the fishing zone in the Kallang Riverside Park, many bags of rubbish were thrown outside the dustbin, but the dustbin was not full (see photos). And lots of litter scattered around the Kampong Bugis Public Car Park (see photos). At Geylang bus terminal, one wheel clamp sign board fell down on the floor (see photos). Abandoned shared bike numbered as S/ no. A006002373 was found along Geylang Rd, beside the bus stop (see photos). There was another abandoned bike found under the Benjamin Shear’s Bridge near F1 pit (see photo). The waters of the main body of the Marina Reservoir was generally quite clean, with only isolated trash. Most of the litter was picked around the Great Wall City.  Members also spotted white milky water discharge from a drain into Kallang river under Sir Arthur’s bridge. In total, Sunday’s group collected 27.5kg of litter and 9 masks.

 In addition, we spotted two groups of people releasing eels into the Marina Reservoir in the morning on Monday 30th. Nov. (see photos). 

At Jurong Lakeside Garden, 10 members did bike patrol in 2 groups and 4 members did a boat patrol, no new member orientation (see photos). The lake was generally clean today, the boat patrol group only picked up 2kg of plastics and cans (see photos). On the other hand, bike patrol groups picked up lots of rubbish from WWS Jurong Office to the viewing bridge, mostly plastic. At the Rasau Walk and fishing zone, members spotted many rubbish in the water but unable to reach. A used insulin injection was found in water next to the PA site (see photos). A total of 13kg of litter was picked up from the garden.

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