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Dear Friends,

The year 2020, which was full of difficulties and challenges, will end next week with the dawn of the new year 2021.   Waterways Watch Society wishes all our friends and partners a happy, healthy, safe New Year! Thank you for your kind support during this challenging 2020, and we look forward to your continuous support in the coming year!

On Wednesday, Punggol weekday patrols were carried out with 3 members on the bike and 4 members on boat (see photos). The boat patrol picked up quite a lot of litter from the water, containing plastic bottles, cans, and food packaging. At the boardwalk of My Waterway@Punggol, one throw rope was found loose and dropped into the water (see photos). Boat patrol members packed it up and put it back to the boardwalk. One shared bike was found discarded near lamppost E15-1/W-65, opposite the Punggol Waterway Point (see photos). 

Due to the Christmas Week,  we didn’t conduct any program this week. Over the weekend, we organized our Santa Cleanup at all three branches, with a total of 61 members participating and collected 75kg of litter and 40 masks. On Sunday morning, we also had 16 new members complete their orientation. 

The Saturday Santa Cleanup group found plenty of litter along the embankment in front of Singapore Flyer, vicinity of Greek Theater and along the Esplanade Bridge (see photos). In the afternoon, the Punggol team found plenty of litter on the platform of the wall fountain and on top of the glass roof (see photos). There was also lots of litter on the grass in front of BLK 316D and BLK 678C (see photos). One bike was discarded under a tree next to the Punggol Road Bridge (see photos). The Sunday Santa Cleanup teams found the areas around Marina Reservoir were generally clean, mainly isolated rubbish. Large amount of litter was only found in the water along Kallang Riverside Park fishing zone (see photos). Probably due to the heavy rain in the Saturday afternoon, there was severe water ponding next to the duck tour carpark (see photos). At Jurong Lake, members carried out Santa Cleanup in forms of Kayak, boat and bike. Despite the cleanup being ended early due to inclement weather, the kayak teams picked up 18kg of litter from water which was mainly plastics and cans. The boat patrol also served as a safety boat for the kayak teams, they picked up 2kg of plastics. On land, the bike team picked up lots of rubbish along the way from WWS to Viewing Bridge. All rubbish stuck and flowed up the shore after heavy rain.

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