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Dear Friends,

Last week WWS did not conduct any physical activity due to the COVID-19 situation, but we are slowly resuming the booking of postponed and new activities after the 14th. June 2021. On Thursday, we successfully conducted one session Virtual Journey of Kallang and one session of virtual upcycling game which 5 kids attended for WWS members’ families (see photos). Our new outdoor posters were also ready for all three branches (see photos). 

The weekday duty at Punggol resumed this Wednesday, but the 3 members on duty stayed back at office and did housekeeping and maintenance due to the unpleasant weather (see photos). 

On Saturday morning, a total of 10 members came for duty at Kallang. They were grouped in pairs and reported at different times.  There were  2 groups who went for bike patrol, 2 groups went for boat patrol and 2 members did gardening. The Saturday groups found the water in Marina Reservoir generally clean but water level was low, thus much of the litter settled on the waterfront around the duck tour area (see photos). Lots of litter was found along F1 pit to the Singapore Flyer area (see photos), mainly plastic bottles and food wrappings. Discarded masks still picked up.  In total, the bike groups picked up 10kg of litter plus 19 masks, the boat groups picked up 3kg of litter from water, and spotted 4 individuals of illegal fishing around Marina Reservoir.

At Punggol, 2 members did a bike patrol in the morning as well. The Punggol Waterway Park was not crowded. They spotted water discharged with a lot of foam from the construction site next to SAFRA (see photos). Some dead fishes near the foam area. They did not pick any litter during the patrol but reported one shared bike discarded under Punggol Road Bridge (see photos).

On Sunday morning, 8 members turned up at Kallang, also all grouped in pairs and reporting at different times.. They conducted 1 group of bike patrol and 2 groups of boat patrol plus 2 members doing gardening (see photos). The bike patrol group engaged 2 fishermen illegally fishing near WWS office and one man feeding the fishing in the river near Kallang MRT- all complied. They patrol along the Kallang Park Connector and return to the Kallang ABC site. At Kolam Ayer, they cleaned our signage at the ABC Site (see photo). Leftover food was discarded near the railing near lamp post E1-25 (see photo). Only about 3kg of litter plus 2 masks were picked up, but lots of litter was floating in the water in front of BLK 15 (see photos). The reservoir water was very clean, reported by both boat patrol groups.

Garden group harvested our first batch of  star fruit.

In the afternoon, 2 members went to the Jurong Lakeside office and did a boat patrol (see photos). The water was generally clean. They did not collect much litter (less than 1kg), but recovered one rubbish bin (see photos).

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